Famous Russian actor Sergey Zhigunov has filed a claim on the bailiff that arrested his personal belongings in the apartment on Mosfilmovskaya street in Moscow. Almost all of the property 57-year-old “the Midshipman” had to be auctioned in repayment of the loan. Zhigunov has lost house and land, garage and apartment in the capital.

To repay debt to the Bank had to seize the personal belongings Zhigunov in his now former Moscow apartment. The actor filed an appeal against this decision and even made a claim against the bailiff, who, in his opinion, incorrectly carried out the procedure of seizure. The inventory includes 45 personal belongings: furniture, computers, printer, tables. The hearing is scheduled for June 4, reports StarHit.

Wrote Sergey Zhigunov has lost his house and garage in the Vladimir region. They were sold because of debts to the Bank. A few years ago, Zhigunov took a huge loan on a film, but to pay it did not. In total it needs about 15 million, together with default interest. To repay the debt, the court decided to auction off the property Zhigunov. The result was a house sold, two-story garage, land and bath. All of this cost to customers in the nine million rubles.