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All crises provide great opportunities. It also applies to koronakrisen, ” says author and historian Yuval Harari.

the World are shaped again now and we can choose how. It is now the governments decide who will enjoy krisepakkene, it is now overvåkingsteknologien be rolled out and it is now the international cooperation is being established, ” says Harari to NRK.

Yuval Noah Harari (44) is the author of the books “Sapiens” – an introduction in the history of mankind” and “Homo Deus – A brief history of tomorrow”. The books have sold over 12 million copies in 45 different languages and been on the bestsellerlister all over the world. From the home office in Israel asks Harari all citizens to engage in what is happening now.

– It is extremely important to follow, not only on the numbers of infected and dead, but on the political decisions that are taken now. It is now we decide how the world will look like after the crisis. A new global order is taking shape now, ” says Harari to NRK.

Next year, it is too late.

– To be the prime minister in 2021 will be like to come to a party after it is finished. All you can do is to wash the dirty plates. It is now that applies, and we have to be vigilant, ” says Harari, who particularly worried about three things: surveillance, international cooperation and financial crisis.

Can’t win each of us

We are at a crossroads. We can choose the international solidarity and cooperation, or we can choose the nationalist isolation, ” says Harari.

HELPING HANDS: A chinese legeteam the country in Rome 13. march.

Photo: Stringer / AFP

Right now it seems as if most countries are most concerned with themselves and their. But there are also examples of the opposite: the Uk is sending a team of health professionals to Italy this week. Cuba has already sent doctors to the North of Italy. The same has China done. There is a lot of collaboration on the medical level all over the world. Harari hope we will soon see a similar cooperation between governments in different countries.

– Our most important weapon is information. The virus can not talk together, but we can. There is a doctor discovers a morning in Seoul, can save your life in Norway the same afternoon, ” says Harari.

There is no way to win against the pandemic, each for himself, says Harari. He believes that the united STATES will no longer take any leadership role internationally, means that several countries can and should take responsibility together.

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protect all

– as long As the virus continues to spread in other countries, no one is safe. The Virus can mutate and come back even more dangerous, as it did during the died of Spanish flu in 1918. Then it is not enough to provide a good health service to people in Norway or Israel. To protect ourselves, we must protect the whole world, ” says Harari.

He says the worst still lies ahead in time: So far koronaviruset hit relatively rich country: It has moved from East Asia to Europe to the united STATES.

But when the virus seriously affects Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia are not billions of dollars in salvage packs and the health care is poor, ” says Harari: Then the rich countries to step in.

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Monitoring both ways

Several countries, among them China, have adopted enhanced monitoring of the citizens to get an overview of the infection and movement patterns in the population. In the Hararis home country of Israel uses the now technology which is usually reserved for the combating of terror in order to monitor the koronasmittede. Many norwegians were surprised when it turned out that the authorities could see who was at the cottage with the help of the tracking of cellular data.

SEE YOU: the Chinese have taken in the use ansiktsgjenkjenningskameraer to fight koronaviruset.

Photo: Tingshu Wang / Reuters

Harari is concerned about how technology is being used in a time of crisis, that changed the policies in time of crisis quickly returns to normal.

– Monitoring is not bad if it is done properly. The authorities may collect health information as long as it is kept at the health authority and may be used only to fight against the pandemic.

Just as important is that the government opens up and allows the citizens to see the budgets and how decisions are taken.

” We must build a system that goes both ways. Now klubbes salvage packs on many billions of euros and dollars through. Show us who gets the money and what criteria is used, ” says Harari.

He believes it should not be difficult to add the budget open on the net than there has been for universities all over the world to turn teaching digital or for large parts of the workforce that has changed the way they work.

– A classic sign of authoritarian states is that they know a lot about me, but I know little about them, ” says Harari.

CROSSROADS: the World stands at a crossroads, ” says author and historian Yuval Harari.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix Big opportunities

Harari are worried about how biometric monitoring can be misused, and that there will be something of that cooperation the world so desperately need. But a crisis like this is also full of opportunities, he points out.

He hopes koronakrisen can give back some of the trust that’s been lost the last few years.

all Over the world turn to professionals to understand what is happening. In the united STATES have government smittevernlege Anthony Fauci almost become a folk hero.

How we build trust?

” We see a tremendous confidence to the medicine, in all countries. Here in Israel, closed the synagogues, in Iran the mosques closed. All Over the world pray christian leaders people not to go to church. It is not enough if half of the population believe in the recommendations for social distancing. I hope the trust in science will survive the crisis and can be transferred to climate change, ” says Harari.

U.s. president Donald Trump on one of his daily press conferences. To the left is doctor Anthony Fauci.

Photo: Tom Burns / Reuters

IN the united STATES sends a republican president checks to the entire population and the laws of the free health care (it is uncertain how the past should be followed up, journ.anm.).

In Spain, the authorities have said they want to continue with borgerlønn also after the crisis. At the same time, millions of people have moved the workplace to the home almost over night. Millions of people have lost jobs and income.

This shows how quickly things change and how important it is to follow with, ” says Harari.

How can a grant workers the social safety net if traditional employment contracts disappear? Is our contemporary way of organising work in the past? This is also the questions we are going to have to think about.

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