over The past 24 hours, in Belgium, 327 the kill will be counted as a result of the corona virus. That is, the inter-federal officers on Saturday announced in their daily press conference. The total number of deaths due to the corona virus is now officially on-3.346-to-face.

After a slight decline on Friday, with 325 deaths, on the rise again the number of people killed by the corona virus, with 327 deaths in the last 24 hours. This is the second record in a row. It died 139 people in the Flanders region, 118 in the walloon region and 70’s in Brussels, belgium. The records, however, can be delayed, and, therefore, is the meaning of the numbers, that’s 327 deaths, all took place yesterday. That is, it will only be the coming days will become clear.

The total number of deaths now stands at 3.346. There were, in Flanders, all of 1.630 people died from the corona virus. In Wallonia, there are 1.178, and, in Brussels, at 538.

the Total number of deaths < / P> 73% died in a residential health care facility

the total number of deaths fell so far, 42% in Belgium to a residential health care facility, a 55 percent increase in the hospital. In Flanders, it is 27 per cent died in the hospital, 73 percent died in residential care homes. Of the 20,000 announced for testing in residential care homes are already up to 11,000 runs. On the 9th of april, there were 263 results. Yesterday, there were 1.086.

the Number of deaths in the last 24 hours < / P> less and Less people are on the intensive care

There have been 421 new COVID-19-patients in the hospital, and while there are 418 people in the hospital were allowed to leave. This brings the total number of included patients and 5,635 were.

At the departments of intensive care, the number of patients in a declining trend, with 1.262 patients. That’s 16 fewer than last Friday. Exactly, 981 persons to be ventilation, or about 12, less than a day before. The number of cured patients is 5.986.

“The number of deaths in nursing homes will continue to rise,”

During the press conference, clarified voices, Steven Van Gucht, as well as With André, that’s a high death toll in our country, has to do with the fact that our country is also suspected of the corona of the victims is included, as well as the deaths in the nursing homes. Also, it was stressed that the death toll will continue to rise, although the number of deaths remained relatively stable in the hospital. Since the beginning of april, there has been a steady increase in the number of deaths in residential care homes. And, it is expected that the number will continue to rise in the next couple of days.

Van Gucht, reiterated on Saturday his concern over the situation in the residential care centres, where the spread of the virus is still not under control, it seems. “We need to do everything it can to stop the spread there as well to do it,” he says. “We hope that the figures will also be there as quickly as possible, it will stabilize.”

men aged 65 to 80 years old, in the hospital,

the , Of the corona virus-infected persons in our country, in the hospital, and end up in the category of 65 and 80 years of age, more men than women. In the category of 80 plus, again, the majority of them women. That is, the inter-federal officers on Saturday announced in their daily press conference. “The men seem to be more susceptible to the virus, which is also evident from the figures of other countries,” says the virologist is in order: Steven Van Gucht. “There are more women in the category of 80-plus in the hospital, it will probably be because women have, on average, live longer, and be more women of the same age, than their male counterparts.”

Van Gucht notes that it is once again that the main, underlying disorders, cause people to become seriously ill from the feline corona virus. These include heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease.

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