What holiday is April 12

April 12 – world day of aviation and cosmonautics, Easter Western Christians, palm Sunday Orthodox Christians, the Day of the air defense forces of Russia. On this day born playwright Alexander Ostrovsky and traveler Nikolay Przhevalsky died, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

“Rambler” wrote that on April 9 celebrated the Jewish Passover (Pesach), Maundy Thursday Western Christians, the Day of memory of Martyr Matrona of Solunsky, the day of the Finnish language and the Day of national unity in Georgia.

April 12, 1961 Yuri Garanin on the ship “Vostok” carried out the world’s first manned flight into space. As of the day of cosmonautics April 12 was set the USSR on 9 April 1962, and the international status received in 1968.

Every year on the second Sunday of April in Russia celebrates the day of the defense forces. In 2020, this day fell on April 12.

This year April 12, the Western Christians celebrate one of the brightest and most revered holidays – Easter – the resurrection of Christ. In this day held a festive service in the temples, and the faithful exchange the painted eggs.

Orthodox Christians April 12 celebrate the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem (palm Sunday). This holiday is celebrated a week before Easter.

Born March 12: dramatist Alexander Ostrovsky (1823), Explorer Nikolai Przewalski (1839), actor Yefim Kopelyan (1912), lyricist Leonid Derbenev (1931), Opera singer Montserrat caballé (1933), artists Yuri Kuklachev (1949) and Yuri Galtsev (1961).

12 APR dead: the Opera singer Fyodor Chaliapin (1938), 32nd US President Franklin Roosevelt (1945), sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich (1974), the novelist Valentin Kataev (1986).