Official site of foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation confirmed that after graduating with honors from Moscow aviation Institute, Vitaly V. Netics in 1972 he started to work in the First chief Directorate (PGU). After comprehensive training, in perfection having learned Spanish and other languages, in 1978, went with his wife in the first long-term trip. Twenty years later, after many moves across countries and regions, the couple returned home.

His task a couple of illegals have performed perfectly. Quote from the open site SVR:

“Together with his wife worked in countries with rigid administrative-police regime. Courageously overcame difficulties in solving the operational problems. Formed intelligence apparatus, through which on a regular basis extracted much valuable information on the strategic aspects of leading countries of the West.”

In June 2011, major General Vitaly Netics retired. Two months later, on 3 September, died. The hero of Russia there were only 65 years.

I have long been familiar with his wife. And, of course, going to see her, prepared a long list of questions. But Tamara told me about her husband so touching and sincere that I decided not to interrupt. The monologue of Colonel-illegal of Tamara Netyksha here is with minor cuts.

– Sometimes ask how such a name – Netics. We ourselves still don’t know. They are indigenous Muscovites. From the nobility. Mstislav grandfather was a populist, care of young scientists and artists, wrote books, was very familiar with Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. The Creator always something masterise. His book on the treatment of the leather and wood are still relevant today, experts consider them the best in their field.

FR Mstislavovich – Professor, major scholar, railroad, rather provaznik. After all, if Russia was a country of steam engines. Revolution hereditary nobleman and the son of the populist adopted immediately. Invited him to his Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and was sent to Sweden to buy locomotives for rising to his feet and on the rails of the young Soviet state. Gave him and his accompanying comrades gold bars for reckoning, and they drove off. That confidence! Had an audience with king of Sweden Gustav V. Managed to buy a country with which few wanted to trade, they need locomotives. Then a lot of work, taught in the major universities of the country.

During the war, rushed to the front. Not take: the person in years, well-known scientist. His three sons went to war, two were killed.

the First wife died. Talik from his second marriage.

Talik is Vitaly. In the family it all so affectionately called.

In 1946, he was only a few months, and his father sent to lead the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of railway transport. They go to Ukraine. Talik finished ��am school with a gold medal and entered the Moscow aviation Institute. Studied in the second year, when the Pope died.

Talik was an excellent student, was engaged in Komsomol work, but because of the high wages of the father do not receive a scholarship. And then began another, more austere life. But from the third year until the end of the study Vitaly Lenin was a scholar.

We met at a retreat Komsomol school: I am 19 years old and I’m a sophomore, and he’s 22, he – on the fourth. And here 29 Feb 1968 Komsomol activists MAI leaves for three days in the village. On the same day, after dinner, go out with a friend from the dining room. The street is Vitali other. It turns out that he has seen me at the Institute. Whispers to friend: if this girl turns around, will be my wife. I turned around. To me, he immediately ran, was invited to the movies. Asked if I love Saint-Saens. And I’m a terrible fan of the ballet, love…

he played the violin, graduated from music school. All her life she was loved, understood, deeply felt music. The love of art, literature has always helped us in the work. Very! This is because the deeper a person is, the more interesting it is for others. And if the illegal immigrant is nothing to attract the right people, then how to do this difficult duty?

the next Morning was free. We Talik went to ski. He immediately did our first photo. She’s our very favorite. “We were young, as sincerely loved, as believed in myself” – and this is our favorite song by Alexandra Pakhmutova. On the same day, March 1, 1968, Talik made me an offer. Of course, I laughed, said that I need to get to know each other.

a year later we were married.

Vitali was always the center of attention. Managed to do everything. First Secretary of the Komsomol Committee of the faculty, then Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Institute. Smart, beautiful, attentive, knowledgeable – he reaches for it extremely! All my friends were into it a little bit in love. When my husband was buried, Sergei Nikolaevich Lebedev (he long time headed the foreign intelligence Service) said, “were Struck by his eyes – intelligent, kind, bright. Others are not seen.”

Talik lived with my aunt in the center of Moscow, in a small old apartment. A week before the wedding, he went to see me aunt to the Dorm where I lived. This place is on Sadovnicheskaya embankment called the Baltschug, and the output of the yard stood a hotel with an arch at the entrance. Here under the arch Vitaly stops me. Kind of serious, “Wait. I want you to say something. I will not hide, you should know and make the decision.” I was scared, “What happened? What’s the matter?” Talik immediately: “This is very serious, I decided to go to work in the illegal exploration, if I deem fit. Give us your answer, do you agree to be with me.”

It was a blast! How to pass that our CONV��or? There are moments in life that are impossible to forget. They stand before my eyes, and probably will remain to the last. If it is true that when a person dies in front of him is the most important – this is the moment. The week before the wedding, we stand under the arch, and future husband, dear man, says: “My decision will not change. You have to decide.”

I took it of course and instantly. Of course! No doubt about it. Vitaly has risen in my eyes for the unique, even greater heights. After all my parents went through the war. The mother was 15 years old when she volunteered, attributed to himself for three years, went to the front. In the war they met. In Vienna, the Victory Day, dad asked your mom, and, returning Home, they got married. In my house the love for the Motherland has always been in the first place. And at Vitaly the same family. The party Vitaliy joined not because they need to be, no. In his heart, truly. In the war said: “the Communists, forward!” And Vitali would be found.

We got married. Lived a year in the apartment of the women, Nina, then in the dormitory.

Looking ahead, I will say that we have lived for 43 years. Were loving man and wife, happy parents, very close friends, comrades and colleagues, loyal supporters and deeply understand each other people. We are very lucky in life.

When I was in 5th grade, called me and made an offer to work in intelligence. I agreed, of course.

Graduated from the Institute, and Vitaly graduate school and began to prepare for illegal work.

illegal immigrants language is the cornerstone. It is now a lot of opportunities and resources. And we have not had any of these wonderful dictionaries, no Internet, when you press the button and immediately comes up the right word, the right information. We were looking for, was wrong and again you were looking for. But everything is settled forever. Still write the language without mistakes.

Remember, has in the last year, I gave two films in the language. I couldn’t watch video yet was not, could only listen. Learned them by heart. After, when I watched these movies, was really happy: many friends, much loved phrases and expressions! And we were very lucky to meet Patria (Africa de Las Heras. – N. D.). Met her through our head. It was a great man and a great friend. We son in honor of him called Eugene. One day he comes and says: “Tomorrow you will go to real Spanish”.

We are very Patriei friends. Loved her and the love was mutual. Patria gave us a lot. Taught her by heart excerpts from poems by the great Nicaraguan Ruben Dario, the great poet-symbolist and a prominent political figure. Had a time for history, geography, literature and poetry, painting and music. The Spanish language is deeply emotional. Probably, the seventeenth century was the Golden age of Spanish literature – SDELal it so.

Italian is also emotional, but he’s kind of sign language, more visual, and therefore is a country of painters. And in Spanish painting more philosophy than from the Italian masters. It is no accident in Spain a lot of playwrights and drama in the emotions – the internal. And all this is reflected in the language. They say Spanish is easy, and I always laugh. Maybe easy to understand, catching two or three familiar words, but he was family.

This is a very hard language! And it must be love.

But the language itself does not exist. You can’t just learn it. It is necessary to know and to love and culture, and history. In the Pushkin Museum, I listened to lectures still young Irina Antonova, went to two-year courses in cultural studies. MAI is opposite the Stroganov Academy, and Vitali agreed with their Secretary of the Komsomol Committee, so I was allowed to attend lectures on the history of art.

Latin American culture – she is amazing! I’m not talking about the ancient culture of the Inca, Maya. And Mexican, and South American… the Deep philosophy, incredible architecture! I have terrible luck. In Mexico, met a great lady, the last of the galaxy of famous Mexican muralists and artists. He was Director of the anthropological Museum unique. I was able to work, to get acquainted with the rich material that has served for our further work.

And Nicaragua? Somehow we had to learn with a group of Nicaraguans, and after, when celebrating the graduation, and sat at the table, I got up and instead of toast, read a passage from a poem by Ruben Dario. With what gratitude this was taken!

All of this greatly helped me in my work, and I helped Vitaly.

There is one not easy to translate the Spanish saying: “the point is that everyone should earn the right to their place in society.” Rose – reached a higher level, and are rising again. Vitaly all the time growing up and learned a lot. And continually dedicate time to work with languages. We talked to a lot. They had to constantly maintain.

my daughter once said, “Thank you for what you have never lied”. Live illegal according to legend and cheat are two different things. Unfortunately, people don’t always understand it. In our profession, the person must be rigorously honest. Yes, getting to work illegally, the scout takes the new features of their life that integrates them so that they become harmonious with his personality, he really becomes a different person, but it does not lose its essence.

This is an incredibly difficult spiritual work. And it is a necessary part of the profession: only a becoming of the personality, which is evidenced by our documents, we do not attract unwanted attention and will be able to successfully perform the job Centre. Vitaly always feel confident with��AMI among strangers. The first time we came back from vacation “home” (in the Diaspora. – Auth.) and up in the airport on the stairs, I looked at Vitali and saw for a few seconds until he got up, the scout-illegal immigrant becomes a different person. Amazing! Even I, who knew his every cell, admired him. He was the scout-illegal immigrant with a capital letter.

by the Way, on vacation we came rarely, it was difficult and it was impossible to risk. Once arrived, the three of us: myself, husband and three year old daughter. Then she rose and spoke a different language, and come to Moscow have been impossible. And the son came to Moscow only when we returned in 14 years.

All the years we worked together. But each of us had a job. Many things we discussed, talked about, but there were things I didn’t know. One day we received the telegram, he left for a few days. Came back tired, lost weight. Questions I didn’t ask.

the following telegram learned that Vitali was awarded the order of the red Star.

Came a message from the city Center, sometimes I had, sometimes – husband. He was incredibly busy. Sometimes he slept for four hours. He was a wild strain. What could help, the helped.

There was Helen, then Jack. Without them, our couple would have looked weird. Young, healthy and without children. At birth in their native language not yelling. The Spanish language found its way into the subcortex, that was for a period of time family.

When the trip was over, we was very difficult to return to the Russian language. It is very difficult! But time passed, and the native Russian has superseded all other languages. Well, of course, in addition to Spanish. When settled down at home, in Moscow, of course, spoke Spanish: daughter Helen and son Jack Russian did not know. And then slowly began to communicate in Russian. His wife, he was given faster. Went to school, was, of course, difficulties. Now he’s a pilot for civilian airlines, in Russian without an accent. Lena – more difficult. But with his accent it became a leading television. How interesting interview!

In General, we had been abroad for 22 years. Came back and learned about their military ranks: husband – Colonel, I Lieutenant Colonel. But Talik continued to travel, a large part was there. Country? All sorts. Different. Mostly far.

With the Hero interesting happened… Vitaly in the morning I went with my son on business. Come home to a phone call: “You want to see the President.” On this day, Vladimir Putin met with Chavez, her husband decided that they would ask him questions on Venezuela, prepared. And we have to work on this day celebrating the anniversary date. Suitable for me one of the leaders of intelligence and said, “Tamara, congratulations. Vitaly was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.”

And we did not know, and had no idea.

Vitaly never a Star not wearing – conspiracy. It relatives learned that their brother, uncle…. – General of the SVR and the Hero of Russia, but at the memorial meeting.