on Wednesday evening a young man arrived at the hospital after the uproar at Brøndby Strand.

It shall notify the vagtchef at Copenhagen is Ranked the police, Lars Guldborg.

Police were at the site in Dyringparken at Brøndby Strand, denmark in connection with a brawl and some uproar, as they received a notification of a knife.

“the young man has been stabbed, we know not with certainty. He is right now in the hospital,” says Lars Guldborg.

Police do not yet know who is behind the potential the knife, but they are looking for a few 17-to 18-year-old boy in dark clothes.

the Police are right now on the spot, to find the boys.

More details about the injured, the young man, the police will not yet out with.

the Police can, however, tell you that he is beyond death, and that damage is generally not particularly serious.