The theatre Director “Lenkom” mark Varshaver commented on the news about alcoholism leading actress Alexandra Zakharova.

“I’ve never watched anything like it, and know it for 40 years. It alcohol not take in her mouth, so very surprised by this statement. The maximum that can is to take a SIP,” – said the honored artist of the edition of “Interlocutor”.

Artistic Director of “Lenkom” urged not to ask a question about alcoholism itself Alexandra.

“You’ll just kill her this question,” warned Varshaver.

Earlier, as reported by “Rambler” in mass media appeared information about the fact that her daughter died last year artistic Director of theatre “Lenkom” Mark Zakharov, Alexander is registered in the narcological clinic.

Daughter of Mark Zakharov found in the rehab

Scandalous news, the journalists of “Express newspaper” has told the head physician of the clinic, Dmitry Baskin. The journalists are sure that you know about the harmful addiction Zakharova, therefore, is gradually withdrawn from Alexander productions, replacing her with younger Actresses.