Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner, who is now working on the ISS, made the space of Yaroslavl.

Yaroslavl – one of the oldest Russian cities founded by Yaroslav the Wise and which has more than thousand years of history. Its center is located at the confluence of the rivers Volga and Kotorosl rivers and is under protection of UNESCO. Furthermore, Yaroslavl is the capital of the tourist route “Golden ring,” wrote the astronaut in addition to published in the social network snapshot.

Showing the city with altitude of the ISS, Ivan Wagner asked Council Yaroslavtsev, in some interesting place where you can go. What immediately got advice like “go to the Kremlin, walk along the river, sail a boat along the city, necessarily on the Arrow to go.” Was ironic the Council to drive a convertible along the Avenue Mashinostroiteley (an allusion to the appalling state of his driveway). And someone even saw a photo of his house.

in Addition to Yaroslavtsev on the publication responded and the inhabitants of other regions, wishing to see satellite images of their cities: “I wish Vologda to see!”, “And The Oral?”, “A Ufa?”, “And Balashov?”, “And Derbent?”, “Be so kind as to show smoky, in the tube of Kemerovo”. In response, Wagner published a photo of the second largest city of Yaroslavl region Rybinsk.

will be from satellite images of cities gallery, is still unknown. According to Ivan Wagner, the ISS crew began to perform a series of medical experiments.