the Eldest son of Yana Poplavskaya at the weekend he became a father. Klima wife gave birth to a boy, who was called the old Russian by the name of Hilary.

Star Granny grandson is seen only on the photo, but in an interview WomanHit called the boy “our brand” because brand a dimple on his chin. Ian also noted that young grandmother in their family is a tradition.

“My mother became a grandmother when she was younger than me. I had the climate control in seventeen and a half, and my mother gave birth to me at 21. That is, she was 38 years old when she became a grandmother. And now she’s a young grandmother. We all in our family are all very young,” — said the actress.

After discharge from the hospital family friendly, which in addition to small Hilarion and his parents also have a daughter from the first marriage of the spouse of the climate, it will move to a four-room apartment Yana Poplavskaya. In addition to Sofrino during the quarantine, we completed the construction of a country house, where Ian, together with her husband already spend most of the time. Besides the main house on the plot there is a guest house and bath, so happy grandma is ready to collect outside the city my whole family.