MOSCOW, may 14 — RIA Novosti. The acting Chairman of the government Andrey Belousov signed a decree on the allocation of emergency doctors working with patients COVID-19, 50 thousand rubles per month, while doctors in hospitals — 80 thousand rubles. This is stated in the document on the website of the Cabinet.

in addition, middle and Junior medical staff, as well as the drivers of the ambulance, including war and equated persons performing duties similar to labor functions of employees receive 25 thousand rubles per month.

the average medical personnel, including military and associated personnel working in hospitals, will receive 50 thousand roubles a month, and Junior medical staff, including servicemen and persons equated to them, performing similar work, will pay 25 thousand rubles per month.

According to the latest data, the total number of cases COVID-19 in the world exceeded 4.1 million people, including more than 285 thousand died. In Russia has registered about 242 thousand people infected, more than 2.2 thousand people died, more than 48 thousand were cured.

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