Woman isolated themselves in the company of my ex husband and his new girlfriend

a Resident of the U.S. state of Tennessee was in the mode of self-isolation with her husband, ex-husband, his new girlfriend and five children. This publication reports The Mirror.

32-year-old Kathy Blackmer (Blackmer Katie) told me that two families live under one roof and get along well in isolation. “The quarantine has taught us that we need to appreciate each other,” said Katie.

the American and her ex-husband Stephen shepherd (Stephen Shepard) met when both were 18 years old and she worked in a bar. In 2002, the couple married and had three children. In 2014, their marriage broke up, and in 2015 they finally parted.

Quite quickly both met new partners, but grieved at the gap, therefore, could not communicate normally. Katie admitted that she had then sworn that they would never become friends.

the Relationship of Katie and her ex-husband soured even more when she began Dating current husband Ben — a friend of Stephen’s, and soon the couple got married, which infuriated the man. Later, the former couple decided to try to improve relations for the sake of the children.

In may 2017 Steven and his brother Michael got in an accident: their car collided with a truck. Michael died two weeks later, and Steven was seriously injured, and he needed round the clock care. To pay rehabilitation he could not, so Katie encouraged him to move into her house so she could care for him. Ben took care of her ex-husband.

Stephen never returned home. In December 2017, he started Dating Brandy, a high school friend Katie. A new couple trying to find a home where they have lived together with two children, Brandy, but could not find suitable housing. Then Kathy invited them to stay with her, but at the same time to share the bills and payments for the mortgage.

the Family is divided between household chores. They prepare food according to the schedule of duties and take turns bringing the children to extra classes.

Earlier it was reported that in France after the introduction of the isolation dramatically increased the number of strange calls to the police. In the Department of the Rhone in the East, the police called the woman who feared that home quarantine will stop her to let her husband go on a date with his mistress.