Moscow is predicted to decrease apartment prices

a steady rise in prices for newly built flats observed in the Moscow region in the first quarter of 2020, in April, will change with the decrease, according to the materials of CYAN, arrived in edition “”.

Reduction price tags will occur from-for sharp falling of demand for housing in the period of self-isolation, analysts predict. In March, developers have not had time to respond to the decline in buying activity, they said. According to CYANOGEN in the first quarter of 2020 average cost per square meter in new buildings in Moscow reached 218 thousand rubles, an increase over the three months to 4 percent. In annual terms, the price tag has grown by more than 8 percent.

In New Moscow in January — March, the price of the “square” has increased by 7 per cent in quarterly terms and by more than 16 percent in the year to 142 thousand rubles. In the suburbs the meter is of 98.4 thousand rubles (plus 7 percent for the quarter and almost 18 percent for the year).

Earlier in April was the most popular type of housing in Moscow in the period of isolation is one-room apartments in new buildings on the high stage of readiness. They accounted for 45 percent of transactions in newly built complexes in Moscow and Moscow region since the beginning of the special regime.