Point in a financial dispute that erupted between a pop star Philip Kirkorov and construction firm, obustraivalis his castle in Myakininskaya floodplain, has set Monday, may 25, Tagansky district court.

Despite the fact that the court formally sided with the plaintiff, the amount “recaptured” by the builders, turned out to be not too large. Is 7.6 million rubles, which required the plaintiff, the court decided to collect with perhaps a little more than two million rubles.

Recall that the king of pop turned to the construction firm of Peter Marinina in the summer of 2017. Between the contractor and the singer was awarded the contract for the provision of services. The builders not only completed all the repairs and finished them on time — in December 2017. Workers have installed a designer wall by the pool, laid out balcony granite tiles and put the “elegant tea table”. In addition, in the daughter’s room Kirkorov, was established “Italian portable ballet Barre from brushed stainless steel with polished beech handrail”. In toy houses, which the artist invented himself for his children, the master painted the walls and ceiling. However, the owner of the castle, if you believe the claim, pay only part of the stipulated in the contract the amount owed 7 660 666 rubles. All this time the singer “feed” the plaintiff’s promises and explained that the payment of the debt in just no time. The individual entrepreneur Peter Marinin decided to seek justice in court.

As reported “MK” the press service of the Tagansky court, the requirements of the owner of the company Peter Marinina was partially satisfied.

– From the defendant to the plaintiff recovered 2 282 784 rubles, and also the state duty in the amount of 19 613 rubles 92 kopecks, – explained the press-Secretary of the Zulfiya Kurinczuk.

Recall that the purchase of luxury villas Philip announced in 2017. In the castle, several floors, the singer settled together with their children. First floor artist took for the office, kitchen, dining room and living room and the loft gave to their offspring. On the second floor there was bedroom for family members and servants, three dressing rooms, bathrooms and even two rooms for awards. The place has a pool, tennis court (in winter it becomes a skating rink), garage for four cars, fountain on Central Avenue, rotunda, BBQ area, private beach and even a small chapel. Special attention of journalists was attracted by the spiral staircase, which, in the words of Kirkorov, symbolizes the bumpy ride singer to success. Interestingly, in the lawsuit, she also mentioned — it seems the singer forgot to pay for repairs to its facade.