The lawyer of Russian actress Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina Yulia Verbitskaya spoke about her condition after artist apartment in New Moscow seized. According to Verbitskaya, the defendant is satisfied with the decision of the court. It is reported StarHit.

“Lidia is glad to such combination of circumstances. You can’t imagine how she is happy. This atmosphere of uncertainty very Davila. She didn’t even know where her husband, on whose behalf the press was questionable statements,” — said the lawyer.

According to Verbitskaya, the actress was very worried that her husband, producer Bari Alibasov, suddenly rewrote donated by the wife of the apartment on his assistant Sergei Mazara. Initially, the woman wanted to bequeath property to children of his daughter Maria Shukshina. On Alibasov she made the housing solely in order to temporarily secure the apartment.

After it became known that her apartment is transferred to the assistant, the actress filed a lawsuit. Fedoseeva-Shukshina wanted to challenge and feoffment Alibasova, and its renewal on Miara. The court granted the application and imposed on the housing arrest.

“Now the vicious chain of transactions not continue. The following our steps — obtaining registration documents of the case, which we will see, in fact, the contract of purchase and sale concluded between Alibasova and Motsar. In addition, we will see exactly who has submitted documents for registration on behalf of Lidia Nikolayevna and on what basis,” explained Verbitskaya.

In her opinion, the likelihood is high that Fedoseeva-Shukshina will return to the apartment. When this woman wanted to establish a relationship with your husband, since I’m sure Alibasov, too, could cheat.