a Famous rap artist Timati, who founded the label Black Star, decided to leave him. As noted by the artist himself, he long had the desire to change everything. A large army of fans wondered why Timothy really left the black star?

the News

Rapper Timur Yunusov, who is well-known as Timothy, was surprised by the exit message organized in 2006 the label. All the latest news in 2020, fans will learn from his Instagram. This article also appeared on the personal page of the artist.

According to the singer, he decided to tell about the incident to the media did not appear distorted information, which occurs on the basis of conjectures and comments. Timothy himself has informed the public of its decision.

According to him, the decision of leaving the Black Star was not taken abruptly. It is quite balanced, as were the talks with the partners who worked together for more than 20 years, changed the music market, created the original brand.

The main specialization of the company — the music that made her not only within the country. Yet, the brand has opened a way into show business many young talents.


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of what is the output of the label

Speaking about the reasons of leaving the company, the rapper added that his colleagues it is important to be in business like Google, Amazon, and the Timothy more like the head of Tesla Elon musk.

According to the artist, the team turned into a group of companies. And this has led to the loss of the originality that was used. The focus was on speed, statistics and the rest of the bureaucratic work, without which there can be not one successful firm.

a telling Timothy, life is unpredictable, so nobody can know how much time is left. This leads to the desire to catch as much as possible.

The creation of the brand, the artist spent 15 years, but came to the conclusion that he wants to move independently. He has experience in such work. Starting to act independently, he knows what to do to move towards success.

The story of Timothy, now he has the status of “independent agent” who has the trademarks. Today it is not liable for artists Black Star. The contractor still retained shares and rights in INRmany projects of the company.

This applies to restaurants Black Star Burger. While some projects, including the Black Star Fitness, was entirely at his disposal.

the future Plans

At the end of his post, the rap artist expressed their gratitude to the colleagues with whom I worked for many years. Stated that he had long had a desire to start all over again.

As mentioned by Timothy in his life will be a big change. He likes the challenges of fate, because they allow you to always be in good shape. As promised the fans of the rapper, most of their questions will answer album which will be released in September.

CEO of black star Pavel Kuryanov warmly remembered working with Timothy, writing a post in Instagram. The Convenor noted that in the creative field label will be much updated.

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Timur Yunusov started as a team member decl and a graduate of “factory of stars”. In 2006 he set up black star. In the same year, fans heard the first album, which had the same name. With Timothy worked with many stars. Among them djigan, Egor Krid, Levan Gorozia, Claudia Coca.

The artist explained his decision in his own way and shared plans for the future. About the true reasons why Timothy left the label black star, we can only guess.