It is now hardly passed anyone’s nose over, that the world is seriously affected by the coronavirus.

Right now, however, there is no vaccine, and it may take some time before it comes.

It is a very special reason, for if the vaccine is not sitting a hundred percent in the closet, it can have a huge impact.

It tells Allan Randrup Thomsen, professor of virology, to DR. the Vaccine consists of several elements, which together should help the immune system.

And if the vaccine is not put together, exactly as it should be, the consequence may be, to the make the virus worse.

“In the worst cases, a bad vaccine lead to the virus can easily enter in the cells, and it can increase the local inflammation without giving protection. So we need to be sure that we have found a good vaccine before it is given to many people,” says Allan Randrup Thomsen to DR.

When the vaccine at a time to be clear, it must be tested, and here must also go through several stages.

First it must be tested on mice or other small animals and ago on monkeys to see if it provides any unforeseen side effects, and if it does, what it needs for the immune system.

Only then will the tested on a small group of healthy young people to see how the immune system responds.

the Danish Regions, the 1. april tell that the regions have established a biobank with blood and swab samples from coronasmittede danes.

the Aim is to provide scientists more knowledge on the spread of the virus and may contribute to a vaccine.

3. march said the us vice-president, Mike Pence, that the UNITED states can have a vaccine ready in the course of this year, and that it can be in use towards the end of 2020. You can read more about here.