Lichtervelde By the coronamaatregelen could I Pleased, and Steven Dierkens (both 29) the Saturdays-not in the south act. The couple was afraid, afraid that day is particularly heavy it would be, but it would be out with their friends and family and counted them, surprised at a verrassingsdag at this moment. “The most wonderful day of our lives is yet to come, but april 4th was a day that we will never, ever, ever, ever forget,” says bride-to-be, Sarah.

Saturday, 4 april 2020, it had to be the most beautiful day of the life I Pleased, and Steven Dierkens of. The village hall was booked, the dress, the suit, the flowers have been ordered, the invitations sent out. But then he suddenly coronacrisis out. “The policies were originally issued, up to and including the 3rd of april,” says Sarah. “Just as we hope that our wedding day would just be able to go. But soon it occurred that it might be a celebration without a kiss and shake the hands of all, if you already have a party, it would have been. In addition, health is the most important thing, so we decided our wedding to be on the 19th of June. Hopefully we are able, however, to fully enjoy it.” I have had the heart of a decision to make, to know her sister was In. “I looked so forward to her wedding day. Continuously, I was saying that the april 4, 2020-the day that would be,” she says. “From the beginning it would be I and Steven are getting married in april 2019 at the latest, but rather because they wanted their daughter, Lisette (2) is already enough, they all are a little off. And then came the corona is around the corner.”