The head of the Agency Content Review Sergey Polovnikov said that from the abolition in Russia of blocking the Telegram can get hurt advertising and marketing Agency. According to him, the role of the facilitator will be unclaimed, since after the legalization of the messenger of large companies and banks will be able to place advertising directly.

They and while the lock has not ignored the Telegram, just to place ads through agencies, the expert explained in an interview with RIA Novosti.

the First who will suffer from the fact that the Telegram was legitimate is, of course, the Agency — advertising and marketing, which served as an interlayer. There also may include a variety of services that allow make reference to the Telegram which opened, because the domain of was blocked — said ladle.

He believes that now the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov or he will begin to sell advertising, or run some kind of mechanism to organize the market.

If the new mechanism of monetization will come, it will lead to the Telegram “white” money, and we can finally appreciate a normal advertising market in the Telegram, — said the head of the Content Review.

Earlier reported that the owners of the sites proposed fine for failure to remove information, if they are in accordance with the law received the corresponding requirement. The amount of the penalties could reach 4 million. Amendments be made to the Code of administrative offences. As stated in the explanatory note to the document, it would fill a gap in the sphere of regulation of responsibility for breach of requirements of the legislation.