European Governments are gradually beginning to return to normal life. Already this week, removed the new number of restrictions in Spain and Italy. Prior to that, considerable progress has shown Germany. The second phase of the epidemic was announced, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, not all is rosy – who experts asked the authorities to be very careful, because otherwise it could happen a second wave of the epidemic.

European countries with each passing day increasingly off limits. May 15 victory over the epidemic was announced by Slovenia, which withdrew the vast majority of restrictions on services, once again allowed access to the resort areas, and also opened the borders with other EU countries.

the Germans also open their borders to neighbours, the country can enter from Austria, France and Switzerland. In addition, in Germany, was a joyful event for all lovers of football – German Bundesliga the first of the top clubs back to the screens.

With this week’s radically changed life in two European countries, which were hardly probable not the main foci of the pandemic. Spain and Italy are gradually emerging from coronavirus regime, their inhabitants waiting for a large-scale easing of restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic.

In Italy, 18 may became one of the most festive days for local residents. From that day allowed no restrictions to take to the streets and move around within their region. Also, one more good news for sociable Italians: they will finally be able to meet up with friends- before there were only permitted contact between relatives. Also this day re-open to the public restaurants and bars, beauty salons, hair salons and beaches.

Italy has further plans of overcoming the crisis. In a week will start to work swimming pools and other sports facilities. From June 3 to the Apennines will be able to freely enter citizens of other EU countries, and all the restrictions within the country. Thirteenth June to resume sporting events, and another two days for the Italians will become available again in the theaters.

In Spain the situation is similar. There is also more and more regions join the first phase of exit from the coronavirus. From 18 may in the Iberian Kingdom start working small businesses, restaurants, bars and cafes. However, these institutions apply a single General prohibition – it is impossible to gather companies larger than 10 employees, or to break social distance.

in addition, in Spain this week opened a Museum and library (all books borrowed for the duration of the outbreak will be quarantined). Also, people will discover the Spanish Church, which in the near future BUFLS to work with a strict limit on the number of parishioners.

Both of these countries will open unevenly – very much depends on the “authorities”. In the Italian regions, the majority of governors in favour of a speedy withdrawal restrictions, their position was made the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte to move the date of the lifting of many restrictions from June 1 to may 18. In Spain a similar situation, where too much depends on the will of the local governors, but it is now clear that the latter will be opened in Barcelona and Madrid.

However, the experts of the world health organization warned early deregulation may be dangerous. The head of the European segment of the who Dr. Hans Kluge said that there is a real risk of a second wave of coronavirus.

“Now is not the time to celebrate, this time you need to spend for training,” said Dr. Kluge. He recalled that until, until the invention of an effective vaccine against the coronavirus, there is a risk of return of disease in the form of the second wave.

the Second wave may indeed be a serious problem, but hardly less dangerous to keep the economy, particularly tourism closed on quarantine. For many countries tourism revenues are an important part of GDP, and a sharp decline can be a source of problems.

Perhaps most succinctly described this situation Prime Minister of Spain Pedro sánchez: “Spain needs tourism. And tourism needs security”. And in the current situation is equally dangerous failure as first and second.