the Group “Mumiy Troll” will present the digital premiere of “SOS Sailor”. This will take place on 22 may at 19.30 in Yandex.Live. “Before the screening of the film the soloist of group Ilya Lagutenko will be live and answer questions from fans,” according to Yandex.The air.

the Tape of a world tour of the band “Mumiy Troll”, during which they recorded a new album for the first time will become available to a wider audience. The film is directed by Daniel Drysdale (he had previously created a video the Killers – Human). According to the creators of the film, the film is shot in the genre of “documentary” – a documentary musical phantasmagoria.

a Large part of the time of the shooting group held on the barge “Sedov”, where is the main action of the strip. The journey begins in the port of Vladivostok. Musician Ilya, decided that his team are in his hometown, dreams of international recognition, especially on the award “Grammy”. His life radically changes a chance meeting with a captain of a sailing vessel, which offers the musician a place on the Board. Soon Elijah and his band mates, Oleg, Yuri and Eugene – find yourself in a real trip around the world.

the film will complete the cycle performances of the band “Mumiy Troll” in the framework of the project “All houses”. Recall that in April all members of the team twice a week lecturing in Yandex.Live their performances in isolation. During the month, released 10 issues, during which the musicians performed in live the song “Carnival.No”, “Plans”, “So scary”, “Other locations”, “Fear no”, “Friend capital”, “Gori.It all, the New moon of April”, “Dolphins”, “Predator” and others, including the new single “Lyra”.