The lawyer of actress Irina Zybina Yulia Verbitskaya-Linnik told how to decided the issue with a legacy artist, who died in April 2019.

The lawyer noted that the question of the inheritance of the ex-wife of Eugene Evstigneeva was complicated by the fact that the actress died intestate. On a multimillion-dollar property Zybina, which consists of three apartments and a house in the suburbs worth 45 million roubles, claimed her children Eugene and Zenobia. They are unable to divide property in a peaceful way, and so in stepped the lawyers.

The result of the trial, the heirs of the actress received an equal share.

— To be inherited were designed and entered into the inheritance of the son and daughter of Irina Konstantinovna in equal shares, — the lawyer said in an interview with

Actress Irina Zybina died 18 April 2019. Despite heart problems, she did not complain of health, in connection with her death was totally unexpected for everyone. According to relatives of the actress, she is in the last days before his death, not drinking alcohol, was full of strength and energy, taught the text for the new role. The artist died just a week after the completion of the formalities in the court associated with the inheritance of her last wife of Alexander Blagonravova.

Irina Zybina known for his work in the TV series “kadetstvo”, “the circus Princess”, “Olga” and “the Policeman with the ruble”.