Last Friday in the Russian capital has left the life of the famous singer Valentine Legkostupova, which remained including apartment and other property. Attorney Janis Ucsa said that if the artist did not leave a will, the inheritance in half will be divided between relatives.

"If there is no will, the succession inherit the queue specified in the law. There are the heirs of the first, second, third and subsequent lines. All nine queues. If there are no heirs of the previous turn, called upon the heirs of the subsequent", — said iReacor attorney Janis Ucsa.

According to Ucsi, the third husband of the deceased Legkostupova has the right to claim the inheritance of the singer, since a few months before her death, they had to officially legalize the relationship. There is information that in recent months, the spouse Legkostupova Yuri Firsov lived through his wife, after the divorce left all the property in the last family.

Now the causes of the death of Valentina Legkostupova understand law enforcement agencies. According to preliminary version, she died because of an accident — fell in the tub.