“the virus may become endemic. He may never leave. As well as HIV, which has not disappeared. But we were able to get it under control, we found a therapeutic way and people now are not so much afraid of this virus. People with HIV live for a long time. It is therefore very important to get realistic about things. We don’t know how long it will take to defeat the virus,” said Michael Ryan, answering the question of when can end the pandemic coronavirus.

He also stressed that virologists are extremely cautiously predict a further development of the situation with the pandemic.”This new virus, he said. It is very difficult to predict when we will be able to defeat him. Currently, the proportion of the infected population in the world is relatively small. However, what will happen is difficult to predict”.

“If we get the vaccine and have vaccinated around the world, this is a very important step [in the fight against the spread of the disease], he added. But this vaccine must be effective and accessible to all,” said the who representative.

As previously reported, “RG”, Rospotrebnadzor experts admit the possibility that the onset of the second wave of infection by the coronavirus can happen in the autumn, along with the seasonal flu.