we Need to do vaccinations the child in the midst of the epidemic of the coronavirus?

Natalia wood: a Categorical ban on routine vaccination of children is not. For obvious reason: if you refuse vaccinations, then in 3-6 months we get outbreaks of other diseases, including whooping cough, pneumococcal infection, measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox, and others. Even in the face of the epidemic of the coronavirus vaccination should be carried out, but with observance of all precautions.

it Is feared that due to immunizations will weaken the child’s immune system?

Natalia Tkachenko: No… the Vaccine stimulates the immune system, it causes it to produce antibodies against infection. The essence of vaccination is training the immune system.

Active immunity that we acquire to infectious diseases, can only be obtained in two ways: to recover or to be vaccinated. The first method is dangerous because it is difficult to predict how a person will hurt easy or very hard.

Can vaccinations overload the immune system?

Natalia wood: Many people are afraid to get vaccinated, and to use a combined multicomponent vaccine even more! For example, there is hexavalent vaccine against pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, viral hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae. Parents come and ask you all to do individually to reduce “load” on the immune system of the child. That is, I suggest you first three times to be vaccinated against polio, then separately three times against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis B. they care About? The inactivated polio vaccine contains 3 antigen, pertussis – the same against diphtheria and tetanus – in a single antigen. For comparison, the load of the whole cell DPT vaccine, which was introduced in the second half of the twentieth century in the Soviet Union and is still widely used, is three thousand antigens. Feel the difference: three thousand or only ten antigens! What you want to release the child? Current vaccines are highly effective, well tolerated, does not inhibit the immune system, but rather stimulate it.

Caution vaccinations are required in congenital or acquired immunodeficiency, for example, in the case where the child is receiving immunosuppressive therapy that reduces the immune response. In particular, it is absolutely contraindicated vaccination live vaccines after transplantation of kidney, liver, heart, lungs, and children with cancer assigned to chemotherapy. Live vaccines are contraindicated during pregnancy, so take care of your health and the health of the unborn child, a woman planning a pregnancy should��and in advance!

What are the contraindications to at the time the vaccination be postponed?

Natalia wood: If the child is ill, for example, has a fever or diarrhea, vomiting, then for some time the vaccination is postponed. But you need to look at the General condition of the patient. If the disease was straightforward and it was a common seasonal respiratory infection without high temperature, it is actually 2-3 days after normalization of temperature the vaccine can be done. If the disease is accompanied by fever, the child is treated with antibiotics, it is better to wait, sometimes it is necessary to postpone the vaccination until month. Depends on how you will improve the condition.

How justified vaccinated in infancy? It is possible to refuse them?

Natalia Tkachenko: When 1.5 years ago we conducted a survey among parents to vaccinate children against pneumococcal infection, which begins in 2 months, was surprised. This is one of the earliest vaccines in the National vaccination calendar of Russia. In cases where this vaccination is not carried out, we were expecting in the first place to see the failures of parents from her. But was terribly surprised when on the first place came recommended by a physician. Often it was not a written medical exemption, and oral advice on refusal or postponement of immunization! It was a shock, because the most heavily pneumococcal infection, is the child a very early age. If it is otitis media, then purulent, with frequent complications if pneumonia, it often becomes destructive. In addition, young children have the highest incidence of pneumococcal meningitis!

the Newborn child is born “sterile”. Immediately after birth, his immune system is faced with a huge number of antigens. It’s all kinds of bacteria that are around, viruses, food antigens, for example, those that he receives mother’s milk, antigens, dust, and pollen. But his immune system can cope with this safely. Another thing is that she is still not trained and not ready to resist infectious diseases. Vaccination makes up for this weakness, allowing you to proactively develop antibodies to different infections.

it Happens that the body cannot cope with the virus or germ that contains the vaccine?

Natalia Tkachenko: In fact, most vaccines still. This means that the infectious agent in them previously put to death. Moreover, they often contain only part of a bacterial cell or virus. This applies to vaccination against viral hepatitis A and B, human papillomavirus, poliovirus, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus. Any inactivated vaccine does not contain a pathogen, ��WH ICH causes the disease. Live viruses contained in vaccines against measles, rubella, chickenpox, mumps, polio, but the culture is so weakened that it is not able to multiply in the body. They are not virulent, that is not can cause harm to the body, in contrast to the infection.

What happens if you do refuse vaccinations?

Natalia wood: as soon As the percentage drops of the vaccination coverage of the population in any region, there occurs an outbreak. So it was in 90-e years in Russia. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and in 1993-1994 there were about 40 thousand cases of diphtheria in the Russian Federation. In 2011, Europe had a major outbreak of measles, fell sharply when priviest of the population against this disease. Then in the Russian Federation was marked by a sharp rise in the incidence of measles, and we also had the last few years to actively pursue the catch-up vaccination of adults against measles. Will not be vaccinated against flu will the flu outbreak, a huge flash.

How effective is the flu shot, given that the virus mutates constantly?

Natalia Tkachenko: True mutation is what happened with the coronavirus: where, when and how he mutated, this question no one will answer. It is not known when exactly appears an effective vaccine. And when we talk about flu vaccination, routine vaccination, is an everyday thing for humanity. True mutations is found not so much. In fact it is simply the alternation of types of influenza A and influenza B. All of the strains of well-known ways of transmission of influenza is also well studied and well understood. Usually, the procession starts with flu in Southeast Asia, where seasonal outbreak starts in the spring. The strains are selected, investigated, and in the summer is a vaccine for other areas. Selected vaccine launches in order to stay ahead of the wave of influenza that will inevitably come.

I’d add that in the upcoming season 2020-2021 gg special attention should be given to vaccination against pneumotropic infections, such as influenza, pneumococcal disease and whooping cough.