In the network posted a video in which the son Rudkovskaya and Plushenko demonstrates the expensive branded outfits.

Prices are also shown in the video, ordinary people seem fabulous.

Showered with negative comments. Yes, so much that Yana Rudkovskaya decided to justify it.

Instagram son, who she acts on his behalf Rudkovskaya wrote:

“…we never clothes I almost never buy. Gives me and gives to the shooting — my favorite boutique and other brands, whose Ambassador I am.”

However, the tension has not decreased.

“Yes, where is the conscience You have? The jacket is like a pension from my neighbor’s grandfather, a child of the war, but the shoes even more expensive than my pension!!!!! Shame on you guys!!!”, “Yana, a country where a good part doesn’t know what to feed the children of tomorrow are not interested. You are doing so that Your son periodically pouring the SAP from the buckets…”, “Jan, the woman is not stupid and understands what to do HYIP. Yana the lady is very tough and as it became obvious Kapitsa and the baby, despite the relevant frame”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, I Gnomic from criticism will not be affected. His Instagram account leads mother. He doesn’t read comments and just participating in creating content.