According to the law, it is possible to recognize the stay of a foreigner in Russia as undesirable in cases of violation upon entry into Russia, absence or loss of documents confirming the right to stay or reside in the country, as well as due to evasion from leaving the country after the expiration of the permissible period or violation of the rules of transit travel.

In addition, a decision on the undesirability of the stay or residence of a foreigner or a stateless person in Russia can be made if a person poses a real threat to the defense capability or security of the state, public order or public health. The list of such grounds also includes cases when a foreigner “poses a threat to the protection of the foundations of the constitutional system, morality, rights and legitimate interests of other persons.” It is noted that a foreign citizen or a stateless person, in respect of whom a decision has been made on the undesirability of staying or living in the Russian Federation, is obliged to leave the country within the allotted time. Otherwise they will be deported.