In the WhatsApp messenger has failed. This is according to the website Downdetector.

Downdetector, as reported by “the Rambler”, monitors failures in the Internet resources. According to him, today at around 4:15 est time (Eastern Daylight Time, EDT) WhatsApp users began to complain about his inefficiency.

70% of problem reports was the lack of connection with the messenger, 27% — of the impossibility of sending and receiving messages, and 2% failing to enter the system. 4:32 the number of reported problems related to the WhatsApp reached a peak of more than 1.7 thousand. 4:47 that number fell to 63 in 5:17 to 20. Since then, the number of user complaints on the performance of WhatsApp did not exceed two dozen.

July 14, in the work WhatsApp has also failed. At the peak of the number of complaints has almost reached 20 thousand — 861 19. Then users also complained mainly on the lack of connection with the messenger (71%) and the inability to send and receive messages (24%). 3% of users could not log in.