the Opening of the resorts, cancel “Bank roaming”, the payment of allowances for children and other innovations. An overview of the main legislative changes.

From 1 June in many regions of Russia, including in Krasnodar Krai, will work the sanatorium with the medical license. In tourism also suggest that in a number of subjects of the Russian Federation will open the apartment hotels and hotels with residential accommodation.

June 1, will end the registration of organizations working for children in 2020. Companies not included in this list will lose the right to provide such services. It is expected that children will be able to relax without the mask mode, but in compliance with social distance and disinfecting regime.

From 1 June to begin the President promised payments to families with children. For children under three years of age, an additional payment of 5 thousand rubles. for each month from April to June. For children from 3 to 16 years have a lump sum in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for each child.

Thus, by submitting an application in June, parents will be able to get a one-time payment of up to 33 thousand RUB Then payments will continue on a monthly basis.

June 1, bailiffs will have access to information about all kinds of Bank accounts starting account number and ending with data on the movement of funds both in rubles and in foreign currency. Thus, the debtors will be harder to escape from penalties.

From June 1 comes into force a law prohibiting to recover from the Russians for the debts of the social benefits that they pay the state. To solve this, a special marking of the types of income of a citizen.

From 14 June will be cancelled “Bank roaming”. Transfers of funds between accounts of the sender and the recipient opened with the same Bank but in different regions, will be free.

Until June 14 extended mode isolation in Moscow due pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. Digital passes for travel on the transport will be extended automatically.

Anna Powaga