Children’s payments, the abolition of the Bank of roaming, the beginning of the holiday season and other innovations.

From the beginning of June in Russia will begin paying additional benefits for children, introduced this spring on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. Including to money can parents of children aged three to 16, and optionally, low-income families with children from three to seven years. In addition, in some regions will gradually begin to open the tourist season — but with serious restrictions. And banks since mid-June, will cancel a higher Commission between the regions. Read more in the article “Izvestia”.

From June 1 Russia will start to pay the so-called “coronavirus” child benefits. In particular, we are talking about a one-time payment in 10 thousand roubles was received by families in which the children turn 16 years until July 2020.

“a Lump sum payment in the amount of 10 thousand rubles since 1 June 2020 the citizens of the Russian Federation living on the territory of the Russian Federation, every born (adopted) child aged three to 16 years of age, having citizenship of the Russian Federation, provided the child reaches the age of 16 before July 1, 2020,” — said in a document published on the website of the Cabinet on may 11.

the introduction of this measure was announced on 11 may during the President’s address. It is issued in simplified procedure — it is enough to go to the MFC or the Pension Fund or to apply remotely via the website services. You will need the birth certificate of the child, INN and passport data of the parent.

in Total, according to the labor Ministry, on new support measures will be able to claim about 22 million children.

at the same time to begin paying low-income families with children aged three to seven years — they will be able to receive benefits in the amount of half of the subsistence minimum for each month since the beginning of the year, then payments must continue on a monthly basis.

Since the beginning of the month will also change the amount of information that can get the bailiffs on the accounts of debtors, and more stringent requirements relating to the protection of social benefits from arrest. This is provided by amendments to the law “On enforcement proceedings”, which come into force from June 1.

In particular, officers from this point on will know in what currency are money in the accounts, and also receive information on the movement of funds. It is assumed that in this way the debtors will be difficult to escape from penalties.

To the bailiffs could not seize on the benefits that citizens receive from the state, such transfers will be provided for additional protection — now these revenues will be denoted ��ankowski system with a special marking.

to seize on social benefits was prohibited before, but the police said that you can’t distinguish them among the rest of the funds in the accounts of citizens.

in addition, the beginning of summer should be written off taxes and insurance premiums for the second quarter of this year for the enterprises of small and average business and individual businessmen affected by the pandemic coronavirus. This was stated by the Kremlin in mid-may. With the exception of VAT — it breaks do not apply.

In the Moscow region on June 1 about 73 thousand self-employed will return the amount of tax on professional income — about it journalists were reported in press service regional Ministry for investment, industry and science.

they say that the refund will happen automatically — no special applications to fill out for this is not required.

it is Known that the document includes about 500 events. Among the stated objectives — improving incomes, reducing unemployment and ensuring sustainable economic growth through the introduction of new technologies. The plan is for the period up to 2021.

In the middle of the month will expire incentives for the foreigners who stayed in Russia due closures in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

we are Talking about people who came to Russia on work visas or residence permits, as well as those who require a work permit or a temporary residence, and those who are in the country with refugee status.

From June 15 of the measures will be reviewed. In may, the interior Ministry issued a clarification about what changes will follow in specific situations. To see how will be regulated the legal status of foreigners who came to Russia on the basis of various documents, here.

In June, some regions will begin to open tourist facilities. While we are talking only about the sanatoriums and rest homes, with health license. They will work with serious restrictions, and compliance with additional security requirements.

the Decision is made at the regional level. In particular, earn such objects in the Crimea, Karelia and Krasnodar Krai.

the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev has previously stressed that we are talking about recreation, with tourist and accommodation facilities will have to adhere to strict rules.

“All who come heals in enterprise health resort complex having a medical license will be within the boundaries of the sanatorium or boarding house, or this enterprise… this is a regime, and should be immediately knowing: that going to the resort and go to the sanatorium, boarding school and going to be revitalized,” said he.

Vice Governor explained “Izvestia” that all sanatoriums and rest homes will have to comply with the CPS and pass the test.

Common to all regions of the recommendation of the Ministry was published at the end of April. According to the document, the campers would be coming in shifts lasting two weeks, the spas should be regularly disinfected, and all things that hinder it, for example, upholstered furniture and carpets must be removed. Market experts said earlier “news” that can all increase the cost of travel to 40%.

But since the beginning of summer the airline “Victory” will resume flights to Russia. The flights will return to schedule in phases, in may, the carrier has promised to reduce the cost of tickets after the break. Then it became known that the airline is planning to apply to the Federal air transport Agency to obtain a so-called “coved-subsidies”.

in other news the tourism industry — the introduction of administrative liability for violation of legislation in the field of organization of rest and improvement of children. To provide such services and has no right organizations, not included in the special registry. Penalty for violators can range from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles.

in mid-month will be free transfers of funds between accounts of customers of one Bank, exposed in different regions. Previously, the credit organizations could charge you a higher Commission than transfers within the same region.

In accordance with the law “On amendments to article 29 of the Federal law “On banks and banking, adopted in December 2019, the so-called Bank roaming will be abolished from June 14.

the quick payments are about 50 credit institutions. May 1, such transfers are free of charge if their size does not exceed 100 thousand rubles.