Outlet – online-mugs. “Range” is very long – from programming to biological research. Select the virtual circle and to sign up for it on the platform Yandex.School. There you can sort classes by age and interests.

– All courses, lectures, webinars, included in Navigator, has been carefully selected by experts Sectarian movement of the National technology initiative (NTI), organized by age and themes: artificial intelligence, of Neurotechnology, the Internet of things, drones and other, – said the leader of the working group Sectarian movement STI Dmitry Zemtsov. – We recommend them as the best in their fields. Now much more Russian students will be able to engage in technological circles online.

Sectarian movement STI recommends:

1) Introduction to blockchain technology, Ethereum platform, a set of interesting tasks from the team profile Olympic National technology initiative “Financial technology” (a course and a set of lectures).

For some high school and University students.

Type of the circle – learning technologies in process applications.


2) Remote circles of the Center of robotics

distance learning courses on programming of underwater robots, 3D modeling, computer vision etc.

For some pupils of 5-11 grades

Type of the circle – training programs

free and Paid

3) Virtual chemistry lab Chemistry LAB VR

a Virtual laboratory, allowing laboratory work in chemistry, to invent their own tasks and test them in practice.

Type circle research

For some pupils of 5-11 grades


4) Herbarium 2.0

Online school for the study of plants with application of modern tools of biological research.

the Type of the group is a distributed research.

For some pupils of 5-11 grades students.


5) the Cup of Russia on digital skills

Educational tournament for solving problems in the field of unmanned vehicles using the online training materials.

Type of the circle – the solution to technological challenges, preparing for the competition.

For some pupils of 8-11 classes.



Earlier, the strategic initiatives Agency and the Ministry of education also introduced mugs. For preschoolers – boring math and robotics. For “nachalki” – “Healthy food from A to z” for older guys “Travel with space images”, interactive English, and even engineering.