Here again, on the eve of the anniversary of the birth of this amazing connoisseur of the XVIII century, which the writer in the chamber atmosphere liked to call “Indian age” of Russian history, one of his famous characters from Smolensk provinces begin to restore their former glory, including a virtual exhibition devoted to the life of field Marshal, Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tauride. They are prepared in the walls of the bicentennial of the castle of the former favorite of Catherine the great, and now – Krichev historical Museum of Belarus together with colleagues from Smolensk, where was born the famous diplomat and military commander.

Moreover, this multimedia project with the Russian Agency integration initiatives “Roads Potemkin: the memorable places of the Prince-Creator,” said the learned Director of the Museum Vladimir Mishchenko, became a reality thanks to the grant of the President of the Russian Federation. It will contain videos, texts and photographs, infographics, and interactives. Colleagues from the allied States, said he will try to unite in it all the most emblematic places of the Prince-reformer of the Russian land, to acquaint with the history of his life and work, to talk about the legacy of his descendants.

it Is appropriate to add that the design of this architectural masterpiece was engaged Russian architect Ivan Starov, on account of which are Tauride Palace and cathedrals in Saint-Petersburg, Ukraine, architectural buildings in Tula and Rostov-on-don. As you know, the Prince of modesty did not differ. So in Krichev Palace was planned 60 rooms and halls, plus an English Park with two ponds.

in short, when in 1775 he received from the hands of Catherine in the gift city on the river Sozh, then love, above all, his strategic perspective, believing that the Krichev endowed with good transport accessibility both by land and by water.

in addition, the city was surrounded by ancient forests, which were so necessary for the growing of the black sea fleet of Russia. Prudently rolled up their sleeves, the Prince decided promptly to turn it into a transit base on the way to beloved’s heart brand.

work in the new domain, thanks to his quickness, did not stop neither day nor night. As the ground grew in the eyes of the citizens food stores, create manufactory: rope, gun, gunpowder and cloth.

built At the shipyard were laid by transport ships. Preserved reports to the Admiralty that only in 1786 built on it 20 gun Brigs, the Imperial yacht, 13 sailing of merchant ships, 12 galleys, and three dozen barges.

the scale of the projects was always in tune with the worldview of the indefatigable Russian patriot. Somehow, the Prince remembered, late at night, they returned through the dark streets of St. Petersburg to the Palace. “ImperatriTSA suddenly said that Russia – not the state. – What is it, mother? – surprised the favorite. – Russia is – universe! How many climates, how many people, how many languages, customs and beliefs”.

for 17 years Grigory Potemkin was the chief adviser of Catherine II, participating in public Affairs. It was he who initiated the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 1783. A year later, the Prince was awarded the title of field Marshal, appointed by the President of the Military Board and the Governor-General of Taurida and Ekaterinoslav provinces. Having founded the city of Sevastopol, the Potemkin has made it to the main naval base of Russia on the Black sea.

the triumph of the Russian policy in Europe called the Prince organized a visit of Catherine II to the South of Russia in 1787. This trip, by the way, made a lasting impression on the Empress honored Potemkin the title of a Prince of the Tauride.

Historians in this regard, note that of special importance was paid to the visit of the Empress of the capital of the Crimean khanate – Bakhchisarai. This city was considered one of the most important points of her journey. After all, the former capital of a hostile state was literally lying at her feet. Here it is the middle of the night and wrote a poetic Epistle to a Prince.

About the miracles of God! of the ancestors who are my

rested Quietly against hordes and khans them?

And prevents me from sleeping among Bakhchisaray

Tabachnyy the smoke and the shouting; but, however, the place of Paradise;

Praise to you, my friend, taking the local region,

You vigil your strengthen all the greater.

by the Way, and starts the Museum project with a meeting of like – minded people meetup in October on the shore of the Black sea. Assembly of unique exhibits of the Crimean period of his life, Grigory Potemkin will take part historians, historians, geographers, experts in the field of tourism, youth activists.

Scheduled and conduct international historical quest “Chyzhove – small homeland Potemkin”, which will be held in the Smolensk region. A little later in Krichev will be a press tour and instagram-tour for journalists and young people.

“We try to create not only the exhibition, available to everyone in every corner of the world, but I want to make a new tourist route which will connect the Smolensk, Krichev and the Crimean Peninsula”, – shared his plans the Director of the Museum in Mogilev region.