Such data received, the specialists of the HSE survey of 3000 graduates of Russian schools.

What else the study found? For example, in February of this year, before the pandemic, to the University for full-time undergraduate or specialist program was going to do 87% of the pupils of the eleventh classes. In June the number of those who are planning to pursue higher education has fallen to 83%. The proportion of graduates who will enter College or technical school, on the contrary, increased.

13% of boys plan to study social Sciences (sociology, psychology, etc.), Humanities (philosophy, Philology, etc.) – also in the top 13%. And computer and medical science interested in the 12% of graduates. In the universities, the arts and culture plan to study 9%. 7% – said the defense and state security, military science. Farmers want to be about 3%.

the desire of the graduates is not quite the same with those areas of training that are important to the state, the authors of the study. For example, in the 2020/2021 academic year due to Federal budget will be allocated more than 250 thousand people in full-time undergraduate of the engineering, equipment and construction technology, electro – and power system – accounts for about 15%. And, for example, in computer and information Sciences only 1.4%. When the demand from graduates is 12%.

– In General, coronavirus crisis significantly affected the plans of graduates of schools, – the Director for internal research and academic development of students, HSE Ivan Gruzdev. – The proportion of those who changed their plans in recent months, was only a few percent. Interest in higher education is still very high: only 2% of respondents believe that they do not need it. Of the other important results of the survey – the attention of students to the University rankings. 24% of graduates specifically looking for information on the situation of universities in the Russian and international rankings, 37% had noticed her in the media.

And here’s another interesting data: 58% of the graduates will go “on budget” where are the exam scores. Commercial place in selected University will submit documents 24%. The main source of funds to pay tuition serve family savings (57%) and loans (21%). Special educational loans know or at least heard something half of the respondents, while 23% are willing to consider the program of preferential educational credits with state support.