What is the color with the Egg?

the shell of The egg consists of 90 percent limestone and has many pores. Immersing an Egg in a dyeing liquid to penetrate the ink particles into tiny cavities. The organic substances contained in the egg shell, ensure that the color stays.

Why does vinegar natural colors more vivid?

natural colors work on the eggs rather pale. You put vinegar into the water, the colors are better, because the acetic acid does not dissolve the lime of the shell.

Why be rubbed colored eggs with bacon or Oil?

The fat makes the color brighter. The dyed eggs will keep longer, because the fat closes the pores in the shell.

What dyes are used, for example?

eggs may only be made with EU approved food colours. In a list of synthetic and natural dyes are marked with E-numbers. Some foodstuffs, such as spinach or blueberry juice do not require authorisation.

there Are colorful eggs at Easter?

no. Colored hard-boiled eggs are now offered throughout the year in shops – they make a pretty about at picnics or celebrations. The sales figures but to the pre-Easter time at the highest. Last year, 475 million colorful eggs in the shopping baskets in Germany, almost half in the first quarter of migrated to specialist information.

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