Another new trend in tutoring: became popular to help the students with the implementation of digital homework. Many parents work from home, but free time have not increased. But the children began to need help much more: someone needs to get the knowledge from someone to chew base program. The pace of learning each child is different. Tutors to complete the “homework” and pull-UPS on the subject often employ children even in middle school and sometimes elementary.

What kind of tutoring market in Moscow and Moscow region, researchers found the HSE Petr Makeev. He took 180 thousand questionnaires of Tutors on a variety of popular platforms. Among the subjects chose the Russian language, math and English – they teach most often.

What was the result? The most expensive Tutors on large and mass sites. “For consumers, this probably is an indirect proof of the quality of services, – said Makeev. These sites declare a complex control system of Tutors contain testimonials from former students and their parents, expose the ratings to the Tutors”. For the quality of teaching and undertakes the corresponding percentage.

Rates for tutoring are not particularly different things. On some sites, the most accessible Russian language, some mathematics. Somewhere price did not differ. According to estimates of the expert, the average price per hour of classes in Russian language, mathematics or English 900-1000 rubles.

the Status and experience of Tutors can significantly affect the price. Less only take students: the average price for their services – less than 700 rubles per hour. Usually they tighten secondary school pupils. It’s not the most expensive service in contrast to prepare for the exam. The most costly Tutors – professors and foreign language speakers: 1100 rubles per hour and above. On average, they do tutoring for 18 years. But native speakers take a lot simply because they are “carriers”.

In the middle income graduate students, school teachers and private teachers. Russian and English is mostly taught by women (80-95%). In mathematics equality: women and men about equally.

Someone on the market for more school teachers or private teachers? This question is difficult to answer, said Makeev. Not all Tutors are turning to websites to search for students. A cost of “word of mouth”.

“If you judge the group that presented on the sites, in all subjects is dominated by private teachers who do not work in schools or universities,” – said the researcher. School teachers and College professors require less assistance sites, probably because I find students at work, he said.

about 30% of all offers on the market from students. They work part time, pre��odawa mathematics, computer science, biology and chemistry. Teachers as leaders (25%) in subjects related to preparation for school and learning in “nachalke”.

the price of services impacts the teaching of more subjects at once. Generalists take longer. But most teachers teach one subject.