Leading specialist center “Phobos” Elena Volosyuk said that the weather forecast for the capital region promises Wednesday, July 15, not more than 23 degrees Celsius. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Volosyuk, the suburbs and the capital in the middle of the week was at the center of the rainy cyclone which brought with it a clear and varied rainfall, from short and weak to long and intense.

At the same time, the specialist assured that these powerful downpours which have passed in Moscow on the evening of 14 July and 15 July, will not.

In Moscow the minimum temperature to be plus 19 degree, maximum 21 degrees Celsius. In some districts of the Moscow region the air will warm up to 23 degrees above zero, the minimum temperature in the region will be + 18 degrees.

The wind will be gusty, with speeds from four to nine meters per second. Low atmospheric pressure will remain, it will remain at a level of 737 mm Hg.

As reported by “the Rambler,” before the weather forecast promised that towards the end of this week in the Metropolitan area may be warmer to plus of 24 degrees. However, the heat, according to weather forecasters, until the end of the month can be expected.