a Few historic cars that contributed to the Victory or created thanks to her and restored this year the Yaroslavl enthusiasts who were to take part in the anniversary Victory parade in the Soviet area of the regional center and become a special gift for the soldiers. And so they were a gift, despite all the “machinations” COVID-19 and cancellation of mass events: a military technique itself came to the homes of veterans.

One of the most unique cars restored by the participants of the project “Car of Victory”, – “Katyusha” on the chassis of an American car International. On a very rare variety of rocket launchers fought at Stalingrad guard Lieutenant, and then guards major Mikhail Paymer. He commanded a battery, where there were four such “Katyusha”. After Stalingrad the 24th guards brigade of the 3rd Belorussian front Yaroslavets participated in the operation “Bagration”, liberated Belarus, Lithuania, fought in East Prussia.

that is the “Katyusha” raised the citizens – now the only thing in the world. And with it more cars of Victory: GAZ-51 and ZIL-131 with the installation of chemical protection of ARS-14, two UAZ-469. Part of the car is still in the works – coronavirus plans were upset.

Seeing a native rocket launcher, which came to the veteran at the cottage, 95-year-old Michael Paymer could not restrain his emotions.

– This is the car on which I fought! We haven’t seen since 1943. Guys, thank you very much! – thanks, touched by the veteran. – You have no idea what I am experiencing happiness and joy! Thank you for today. I am very happy!

on this day, to the homes of veterans left the front-line brigade, participants of creative collectives, students of the Yaroslavl military school of air defence, representatives of EMERCOM and the FPS.

the Veterans welcomed the audience and came to congratulate them from the Windows and balconies, some facing the street. And among their neighbors there were some who looked with amazement and pride learned about the Hero living nearby. Or came up with photos of their family in the column “Immortal regiment”. And we all sang together and “Katyusha”, and “Day of Victory”, shouting “Hurrah!” applauded, congratulated each other on the holiday.

– the anniversary of the Victory I, a humble war veteran, gave this priceless gift. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you, dear! loudly as he could, addressed the gathering at the house from the balcony of the third floor of 95-year-old guard Colonel Vladimir A. Zhilkin, the commander of the intelligence division’s artillery regiment, the participant of storm of Berlin.

In Voronezh “backyard” mini-parades were organized for veterans of the military-Patriotic club “Base 36”. The participants in the historical form, on military vehicles of the great Patriotic ride on city streets and in small groups visited the veterans – observing all the “antivirus” precautions.

Congratulations with home delivery gave veterans in Tambov. So, street concert along with the neighbors looked at living in the private sector Maria Ivanovna Vojvodina – the gentleman of fighting awards and medals, formerly head of the district Council of veterans. Sitting in the carriage of retromatic, she sang together with young people, and then made a very vigorous speech. Guests were given a symbolic “victory” a volley in the air.

in the village of Dmitrievka center of the Nikiforovsky district of the Tambov region – on the initiative of the pilot-a veteran of Alexander Bodnar laid a “Victory garden” at the former military airfield. From 20 August 1942 to may 1943 it was based first guards aviation regiment long-range, where the aircraft was going to beat the Nazis at Stalingrad, to drop bombs on German troops near Rostov, Voronezh, Kharkov and in the Donbas.

from There made flights and Alexander Bodnar. To perpetuate the memory of fellow soldiers, he proposed to the 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war land on the site of the airfield 75 trees and 50 Apple trees and 25 rowans.

the Idea embodied in the framework of “Dream Winners”. The trees provided the local businessman-gardener Alexey Sergeev, and to dig a hole volunteers came together with the leadership of the district. Next year expect the first crop of apples.

on the Eve of a Victory Day Alexander Bodnar showed a video about how fulfilled his dream. The house veteran has had a mini-parade.

Trees have a long life period. Now there will be a garden or Park, – has explained to the veteran his idea. We are very pleased that near the House of culture. Thank nykyforivtsi I remember about our regiment.

the inhabitants of the Tambov know the story of the pilot-countryman. He met June 22, 1941, in the position of Navigator. Over 1,418 days of the war, he made over 300 sorties. Thanks to his professionalism and high discipline of the crews was always struck by the enemy target and back home.

Bodnar went through the war until the end in may 1945 took part in the parade on red square. The veteran, who is now 101 years old, leads an active social work.


In Voronezh, the traffic police on the Day of Victory was on duty on the roads with portraits of veterans. To carry out the action “Immortal regiment” in an unusual format offered the oldest pensioner of the regional state traffic Inspectorate, member of the great Patriotic Ivan Mishukov. Today it is the only surviving world war II veteran and Voronezh state traffic Inspectorate at the same time. In the Victory Day employees of the road patrol service hung on his chest badges with portraits of local veterans of GAI. Photos larger they put together with George l��toccami under the windshield of the patrol car.