Recall, the season was on hiatus since March 12. At the time of stay in the Euroleague was played 28 rounds of the regular season of 34. The standings were headed by Turkish “Anadolu” (24 wins – 4 losses). As for Russian clubs, CSKA (19-9) took fourth place, “Khimki”(13-15) is the seventh , and St. Petersburg “Zenit” (8-20) last 18. In Europe it came to the quarter-final stage, which broke and UNICS Kazan.

According to Eurohoops, the Euroleague management has been configured to bring the season to end. On Saturday, the organization’s President Jordi Bertomeu met with players to tell about the resumption of the tournament. Recall that the priority was considered to be a plan in which teams finish the regular season, and then will compete in the Final eight, with all matches expected to be held in the same city.

However, as reported, the vast majority of participants held via videoconference, spoke out against the plays of the Euroleague. Yesterday 11 clubs, holders of long-term license “And” had to vote on the fate of the season. However, Bertomeu immediately offered not to continue the tournament and the need to vote anymore.

“of course, we had to make the hardest decision for the whole 20 years of existence of the Euroleague. For reasons which cannot be influenced, we prematurely terminated the most successful and exciting season in European basketball history,” the statement said Bertomeu.

among the main reasons of a stop of the season: the uncertainty of the situation with coronavirus, the lack of guarantees for the free movement of teams, the increased risk of players getting injuries due to lack of time for a full training camp. Separately, it emphasizes that further delaying a decision in season 2019/20 was impossible, as it could harm the 2020/21 season.

“Saving the season, we would risk losing the following, – said CSKA President Andrey Vatutin said, quoted by the official website of army club. – We are facing much more serious challenges – turbulence markets, economic crisis, the likelihood of matches without spectators. Better to lose the battle but win the war”.

By the way, the new season of Euroleague will start on 1 October. The venue of the Final four is still unknown. In this season it had to take a German Cologne. “It is too early to say that the following “Final four” will be held in the same city. We will make efforts to implement it,” said Bertomeu.

And that’s what the next season will not change, so that the composition of participants. Thus, for the first time in two seasons in a row United League Euroleague will present three of the club.

In this regard, the least cause for worry, it was CSKA who holds a license “A”. And here “Khimki”and “Zenith” there are no guarantees for the 2020/21 season was not. In the leadership of the Moscow region team bluntly said that the budget team will depend on the tournament, in which she will get.

Khimki was ready for any decision of the Euroleague. Opting the end of the season, it seems logical, because, despite the universal desire to get back to normal life, the health and safety of all participants is a priority. Now we have to analyze the current situation and begin to prepare for the next season”, – said General Director of BC Khimki Pavel Astakhov.

In the Competition season starts September 30. It definitely will feature eight teams, qualified to the 1/4 finals. The remaining 16 places will be allocated on the results of national Championships.