Scientists from Singapore found that a patient with coronavirus infection ceases to be a threat to others after 11 days. About it on may 23, said in a joint work of experts of the National center for infectious diseases and Department physicians Medical Academy of Singapore.

the study involved 73 patients with the infection. Scientists say that even if a person has a positive response to the coronavirus, it is not said about the viability of the disease.

the Final decision should accept the Ministry of health of Singapore, writes local edition of the Straits Times.

the Revision of the criteria, the newspaper said, will allow to be discharged from hospital in Singapore more than 80% of patients who can go home after 11 days of illness. The exception would be people with weak immune systems, cancer patients, and patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs after transplantation.

the Authors also cite a study from Germany, where nine patients isolation of the virus from the throat and lungs were strong only in the first week, but then began to decline.

the Incubation period of infection ranges from 1 to 14 days. The symptoms on average appear on the fifth or sixth day of infection. The world health organization recommends to follow the 14-day quarantine, even if the patient is already infected with a coronavirus.

as of may 25, more than 5.4 million people worldwide are infected with coronavirus, of which 345 thousand were victims of the disease. Leaders in number of registered cases of infection are the USA, Brazil and Russia.