The owner of the guest house in Anapa, who swore at the guests, explained the reasons for her behavior. A video with her explanation was published by the Telegram channel RT in Russian.

According to her, when she went to the room to clean, two of the three girls present there were kissing on the bed.

“Naturally, there was such a reaction. As a citizen of the Russian Federation, I do not accept LGBT people,” she explained.

The hostess of the hotel noted that “well-off families with children” stay in her guest house, who should not see such behavior and “effeminate men”.

“We have a hotel for family values. When I saw this picture, I was indignant, ” she concluded, urging LGBT representatives not to use the services of their institution.

Earlier, the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Anapa reported that it was conducting an inspection on the fact of the conflict that occurred at the hotel, following which a procedural decision will be made in accordance with the current legislation.

The hostess of the hotel in Anapa swore at the guests because of a complaint

Before that, a video appeared on the network where the hostess of the guest house “Atmosphere of Jemete” swears at visitors, using obscene language, for asking them to get out. The woman claimed that she “pays everywhere” and no one will come to check on her.