California has gone to a second round of quarantine and fell silent in anticipation of the second wave of black protests. As unrecognizably changed life in the oasis for the rich and famous – expensive areas of Los Angeles – “MK” told the Russian-speaking Americans.

Despite the fact that our mayor Gavin Newsom announced the resumption of sanitary restrictions, boutiques on Rodeo Drive (the area of expensive stores – Auth.) opened, says our compatriot Arina. And this is some kind of hell! They lined up a long queue of black men with bales of rags. They stand to make a “return of goods”! I want to take the loot in the previous days back to the store and get cash!

According to the Russian-speaking Los angelesca, they would not be surprised if the expensive brands really begin to pay back their goods, if only not to run into accusations of racism. After all the labels on things is not unpicked and formal reasons for refusal no.

Many brands have already declared bankruptcy, and those that survived are struggling to demonstrate their tolerance, because of the refusal to take back the loot they are quite able to declare a boycott of white Americans, says our compatriot. California has already used, the behavior of the protesters are outraged only Russian and are trying to silence us. Recently blocked the Russian-speaking group in the social networks because there did repost, where a dark-skinned child carries a poster of “Fuck the police” (“fuck the police!” – Auth.), which he graciously imparted to his parents. That is, to carry a placard you, and do not repost.

If you believe the stories of compatriots skinned protests slightly slowed down, but it’s more like the calm before the storm.

– I can’t say that the protesters calmed down, – assesses the situation of our compatriot Oleg. Rather, all a bit tired. Some violent, others to discuss it. The most resent and fear that these BLMщики respected neither race nor mask mode.

Russian Californians are glad that some Hollywood stars, unlike most of his colleagues, yet you dare cast a vote against the black movement. For example, an actor of Italian origin Robert Davi recorded the appeal, which calls on all Italian-Americans to stand up for great America and to stop the black mess:

Actors are afraid to get blacklisted as a racist – explain our compatriots. – So afraid to speak the truth about black riots, and in General about everything that is happening in the country. But some still do not stand up and expose these videos as Devi. He just screams on the video: “We are fed up, return of Columbus to the place!”

the quarantine In the City of Angels once again opened��s also beauty salons and Barber shops, but very strange way.

the Mayor some time doubted whether to open them or not, – says Arina. – And then issued a decree that they work outdoors. Like, it’s less dangerous than the indoors.

on the street?!

Yes, salons smashed on the sidewalks is something like open porches, like restaurants. Paint their nails, cut their heads and beards. Looks scary!

– A Hollywood money, as promised a month ago?

– No, it’s all worth it. But no one is outraged, even those who lost the contracts. We can see what’s really going on. Yesterday, for example, in California it was 6 891 new cases. On average in the state of dying 109 people per day. We recently lost a beloved star and Broadway actor nick Cordero. He was only 41 years old, he tried to save 90 days, but could not. Now increasingly talking about how the virus is transferred irreversibly destroys the heart and liver.

the Majority of Californians, by their own admission, believe that the second wave of the coronavirus is not far off.

– We already resigned to the fact that in 2020, the year life as we know it will not be, – says Arina. – Nominated for an “Emmy” for the first time in history passes online.

have a quarantine in Los Angeles and other signs, which formerly this town never dreamed of in a nightmare. For example, one after the other close luxury real estate agencies and houses in the oases for the rich and famous are exhibited for nothing.

– Recently, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez put his house in Malibu for $ 8 million. For this place and this house it’s all for nothing! But money buying too no one. They say that even the unemployment benefits will reduce from $600 to $200 a week.

Another attack today, the city of Angels – the seeds of unidentified plants. The dangers warns the Ministry of agriculture of the United States.

– In the mail people come in strange packages, they say, is jewelry from China – explain the Russian-speaking Americans. But inside are some strange seeds. The Ministry of agriculture issued a special caution that such envelope with Chinese postage stamps must be disposed of without opening.

While we were talking with compatriots, Facebook has blocked another too candid Russian American, stirred another pogrom in Portland and renamed it “Apocalypse”.