the family Ledovskikh, who lived in the village of Malyy Krivets Russko-Brodskogo district, Oryol region, had ten children. Almost all of them, including seventeen year old Theodore, the youngest of the sons, in 1941 went to the front. After a serious injury he was retired.

Here he writes to Frank in 1943, his friend Alexander Panov, was also a soldier of the red Army: “I Learned about you experienced pain from the Nazi projectile. I read this letter all the men, and we all vowed to avenge your wounds the Nazis. We wish you from all my heart to recover faster, return to duty, to forge victory over the enemy.”

the Warm words of support to wounded soldiers from front-line friend was read out on regional television in the anniversary of the liberation of Rostov from the Germans. A few days in the Studio bell rang. Hope Spitsyn said that her grandmother Ksenia paternal – sister of a war hero, which was discussed in the television show, and read the letter a young woman, apparently she has a relative who does not know about its existence.

Meeting relatives happened to live. It turned out that a few decades ago, after the death of Theodore Litovskogo, the relationship between his descendants was broken: one of them changed their place of residence, others plunged into the everyday problems and worries in common, relatives in the line of Feodor and his sister Ksenia ceased to communicate among themselves.

We tried to contact the family before. A few years ago even left a sheet with the numbers of mobile phones on the grave of Theodore, to be responsive. But, alas, once again came to the cemetery, I saw that the ink was erased by rain, says a nephew of soldier Oleg Borisov, Fyodor ledovskiy which was raised after the death of his sister Xenia as his own son.

– Our follow-up meeting was no accident but God’s plan – sure Hope Spitsyn, the daughter of Oleg Borisov. We eye was watching TV and suddenly my nephew yelled, “It’s grandpa!” And showed the screen where we saw the young Fedor in uniform.

After relatives found each other, the family grew by a few dozen people, and they live not only in Rostov and Rostov region. It is symbolic that in the family circle for the first time after a long separation, they met on the day of saints Peter and Fevronia, the Orthodox patrons of the family.

Granddaughter of veteran Vlad Ledovskaya and Hope Spitsyna, which are brought to each other second cousin, met, became good friends and began to look for their relatives in other parts of the country.

– Ukhta, Arkhangelsk, Saint Petersburg, Tula – I think native is everywhere now, says Hope.

– we visited Andrei ledovsky, the grandson of the grandfather, who lives in St. Petersburg. It is very similar to my brother Denis. Do family traits of widns all of us, she said.

the result was a family tree Ledovskikh, which now has 307 people. And the search continues.

the Nephew of veteran Oleg Borisov daughter went to a small home parent in a Small village Krivets, specially bought eight jars of buckwheat honey, then transfer to treat loved ones as a reminder of their roots. From the village went to Tula, where he found great grandchildren of Ivan, the elder brother of Fedor Ligovskogo, and stayed for them.

“Although grandparents are long dead, thanks to him we all were and never will be”, – assured the correspondent “RG” in a big family.


Fyodor ledovskiy born September 14, 1924 in the village of Maly Krivets Orel region. In 1942 he went to the front, after graduating trained as a radio operator. Fought at Kursk. In 1943, as a result of direct hit of an artillery shell into the bunker, was seriously wounded. All of the staff survived it alone. With 11 wounds were sent to front-line hospital and then for treatment to Moscow. After that, Fedor Ligovskogo the reserve. For his merits in the great Patriotic war he was awarded the order of Glory of the third degree.