Why we do not participate in the anniversary exhibition, explained the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky.

– Initially, the exhibition was initiated by the so-called Foundation for Prussian palaces and gardens Berlin – Brandenburg. We were asked to participate on a parity basis. The Ministry of culture has instructed several key museums in particular the Museum of Victory, the Historical Museum and State Museum of the Armed forces to present the exhibition of Stalin’s personal belongings, form the participants of the conference, technical objects, documents, items of military life – everything that gives life to the exposition and around which gather visitors because it plunges into the real picture of the past – told Medinsky at the “round table” “the Potsdam conference and the formation of a new world order”.

now everything was ready: worked out all the technical and legal aspects, and the organizers sent information materials for translation into German, English and French. But suddenly it became clear that the Russian and German sides have different views on Potsdam.

We wanted to read that for signatures will accompany our exhibits and what kind of visitors will hear through the audio guide. Our scientists have studied all the comments. It is beyond good and evil, – is indignant the assistant to the President. – By and large, it was about a direct distortion of historical facts. Comments to our exhibits has caused reputational damage to the Russian side: this is what is called erased, but, unfortunately, the current word “falsification” of history.

In such circumstances, heads of museums, according to Medina, were considered offensive to send historical materials in Germany: “then To the visitors of this exhibition is not pointing fingers in the wrong signatures and did not listen to unreliable audio guide about the work of the Soviet delegation and in General on the work of the Potsdam conference.”

the adviser to the Russian President also said that Russia continues to participate in international projects, dedicated to the history of the Second world war. And the Foundation for Prussian palaces and gardens Berlin – Brandenburg advised how to work with their trainers and speechwriters: “at least advise them to read a few good books about the end of the war, before they begin to do the exhibit captions”.

Head of the scientific-methodical Department of the Museum of the Victory (which was supposed to participate in the notorious exhibition) Stanislav Davydov in the cited excerpt from the audio guide from the German side: “Stalin was the sole ruler and ensured their power with the support of the secret police”. We asked questions about the “sole ruler” and “secret police”, which never existed in the USSR. Politely, but very R��WKO we were told that nothing will not change”. Controversial, believes the Russian side, are stories about the mass violence of the red army towards the German population and about relations of Poland with Germany in 1939.