More than forty volunteers daily call to veterans to warn of the impending visit, while other project members to quickly collect food parcels purchased with funds benefactors. Veterans receive holiday food packages, a card, a ribbon and bouquet of carnations.

Gifts are given with observance of all necessary precautions. Volunteers wearing masks and gloves, use antiseptics and avoid direct contact with veterans.

– it is Important to remember what price we got the victory 75 years ago, but more importantly, to care for those who gave us this victory and freedom, our dear veterans, – the Chairman of the Committee on youth policy and interaction with public organizations Julia Ables. Among the volunteers a lot of young guys, which can now be called heirs of the Victory, and they will congratulate each veteran personally. This year we will not be able to honor them on may 9 parade, we’ll do it later when it’s safe to hold such celebrations. And today I want to say again a huge thank you to everyone and wish you good health. And each volunteer will bring a bit of love and care from everyone in our city.

Arzu Muradov experience in the martial arts, studying at the medical University of Mechnikov at the dentist and coordinates the work of the volunteers of the Primorsky district in the project #Myvote. Despite the fact that this is one of the most difficult areas of the city – a large area, a lot of applicants, – the local team, perhaps, the most friendly.

It’s a real luck – as active and positive people gathered in the area. We are all volunteers, and I, as coordinator, and my helpers are trying to help each other to have fewer problems during the execution that everyone was comfortable and pleasant to work with. Our volunteers really are very good friends, make each other pancakes and are planning to meet when this is all over. They are all wonderful, but I was surprised not so much by specific volunteers, but how many different people responded to the call to help those who are difficult.

Often the volunteers are not limited to simple delivery of food and medicine. Once helped two elderly women who had no money, and I chipped in and bought them food at their own expense. A lot – almost a month. It happened that the volunteer pensioner bought the phone to replace the old broken. In such moments I recollect, what is human kindness.To work daily with such people is very inspiring!

anything can Happen, there are difficult applicants. To cope with difficulties helps us motivation – we do it so other people didn’t get sick. Yes, risk to health and TrATiM on volunteering all their free time, but do not feel sorry when I see in the eyes of a man sincere gratitude.

personally, I gave this project? Faith in humanity! When I look at volunteers, who, in spite of everything, eager to assist applicants and to each other, I’m surprised and happy. Still, it’s very important to stick together!

a single reference line for issues related to mers in Saint-Petersburg: 122.

to Leave the application to receive volunteer help by phone 8-800-200-34-11, and with the help of mobile applications “onf.Help.”

the Information service system of social protection of population of St. Petersburg: (812) 241-20-57.

hotline city volunteers in St. Petersburg: (812) 245-32-20.