In the framework of Russia promotion of mutual assistance in time of a pandemic has collected 114 thousand volunteers, they were people of different ages, professions and views. Help received more than two million pensioners. In the St. Petersburg headquarters is now accredited 3031 volunteer. For two months the volunteers of the Northern capital performed 17,4 thousands of applications.

St. Petersburg residents continue to join the project. Just last week the volunteer badges #Myvote received 70 people.

to understand who the Petersburg volunteers, what they think, what they live and be proud of, just type in social networks the hashtag #volspbcenter or #volspb.

“I don’t know what to do? Just think about what someone needs your help – encourages Xenia. – Guys, it’s not difficult to describe the feeling when you need and doing a good deed. If you have the desire and opportunity to help, join us!”

“In St.-Petersburg lives more than 700 thousand people over 65 years of age. They are at risk. Many of them are lonely people, who have no opportunity to ask the children and grandchildren food and medicine. Some of them live in areas where the nearest pharmacy to go three blocks. Today, we saw it ourselves, – says Galina. Now we can not only in word but in deed to show that we can make this world better and kinder! Today we traveled to 18 locations. Together we can more!”

“drug delivery products and those who should not leave the house successfully combined with cardio – jokes cyclist Dmitry. – This year due to the lack of tournaments study of the volunteer movement from within.”

“I became a volunteer of the action and part of this big team on March 31. Since then there have been a lot of rendered targeted assistance to the elderly. But the most striking for me was the congratulation of participants of the great Patriotic War in the framework of “You Dear!”, says Elizabeth. – Particularly remember Basil Yavorsky, who turned 93 years. Vasily Khrisanfovich – captain of the first rank of the Soviet Navy, combatant, invalid of the great Patriotic war, veteran of the Armed Forces. He met us in a white cap and jacket with many orders and medals and read a poem of his own composition… I would like to mention Boris Avelyevich Sorochkina. A unique person! He is now 97 years old. It turned out that he was in the Navy, defended Leningrad from the sea. Awarded the medal “For defense of Leningrad”. When we drove him to his home, we saw a huge poster with his photograph, the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Then we felt how lucky we are to congratulate this great man – a true hero! Thanks to all of them for the feat!”

“In all this uncertainty, unclearness, unpredictability, so to the point, I think it sounds simple and trite “all is well”! Because really BUchildren! Yes, we can’t guess how soon, and we would really like is already here, but sooner or later, one way or another, be the same. The difficulties are not eternal, all pass through them, and we can do this, – says Olga. – Friends, take care! Remember, the most important thing is that you have each other, that your loved ones are with you, and together you can do anything! If you know that someone from your neighbors, friends need help, tell them about the existence of a hotline or call themselves. Volunteers will respond!”

a single reference line for issues related to mers in Saint-Petersburg: 122.

to Leave the application to receive volunteer help by phone 8-800-200-34-11, and with the help of mobile applications “onf.Help.”

the Information service system of social protection of population of St. Petersburg: (812) 241-20-57.

hotline city volunteers in St. Petersburg: (812) 245-32-20.

don’t know what to do? Just think about what someone needs your help. Guys this is beyond words, the feeling when you need and doing a good deed. If you have the desire and the opportunity to help join. All information on the website: and the volunteers ‘ headquarters: 13линия V. O. 22B #volspbcenter #Myvote #Mieterbund

Publish from Xenia Chicholina (@shishmolinka) 16 APR 2020 at 5:18 PDT