Members of the Vologda Association of searchers and the regional branch of the Russian military historical society in the Tikhvin district of the Leningrad region found the site of the crash of the great Patriotic war, the PE-2. Established and the identity of the pilot.

found the engine number of the plane found out that the plane PE-2 No. 1672 was shot down 26.03.1943 in Strunino the Tikhvin district of the Leningrad region. In the report it is stated that the Navigator and gunner jumped out with a parachute, and the pilot was killed, according to the group in the social network of the Vologda search engines.

the name of the pilot guards Lieutenant Peter G. Aceves. He was born in 1913 in the village of Kumeiky Cherkasy district, Kiev region. His wife’s name was Maria Andreevna Petrova. Called two of her address: village UITA Kaduyskogo district of the Vologda region and Vysotsky district Kalinin region.

Searchers looking for relatives of guard Lieutenant Peter Yakivts in Ukraine, Vologda and Tver regions. They also plan to get the remains of the pilot from the wreckage of the front of the aircraft.