Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova decided to go to Savelovsky court of the capital and filed a lawsuit against the TV presenter Dana Borisova and “Express-Gazeta” on protection of honor and dignity. About it reported in a press-service of the court.

Volochkova demands a compensation of 1 million rubles. Conversation on the circulation ballerina will be held on Thursday.

the statement of Claim Volochkova to “Express newspaper” and Dana Borisova was taken to the court on 17 may, the conversation on the suit is scheduled for July 9, — the interlocutor told RIA Novosti.

The ballerina asked to recognize the words Borisova, who published a discrediting her honor and dignity and recognize their lies. Volochkova wants then published a retraction of the article, and from Newspapers and Borisova waiting for a million rubles in the aggregate, plus 50 thousand rubles for each day of failure to execute court decisions.

However, the court noted that Volochkova already addressed with the similar statement, but then the claim went unheeded as they were made with violations.

Wrote earlier Volochkova showed 10 splits for half a minute.