Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova said that her former companion Igor Vdovin a few years ago borrowed $3 million and still has not returned the money to the artist, which brings up their common daughter.

"It actually robbed me. Took everything I accumulated in life — three million dollars, huge money. We Arish was literally nothing to live" — quoted KP.RU memoirs Volochkova.

Former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre said that before Vdovin, though not returning the debt, paid the rent and the maintenance office in the centre of Moscow. In 2019, the businessman has ceased to pay the bills.

According to the ballerina, the money the man took a receipt, pledging to “return every penny”.

Wrote in 2020, Volochkova has topped the rating of Russian stars-debtors. The ballerina has not paid the transport tax in the amount of 123 thousand rubles, owed 113 thousand rubles for an apartment in Moscow. In addition, Volochkova has debt on the apartment in Saint-Petersburg the land plot in the Moscow region — 48 thousand and 28 thousand, respectively.