Well-known dancer Anastasia Volochkova in isolation often violates the prohibitions and limitations. And proves she’s not afraid closed beauty studios and beauty salons. First, the star of the ballet invited the master of permanent makeup, then the hairdresser.

And all this in order to in this difficult time, stay beautiful and delight yourself in the mirror.

“In quarantine can not forget about beauty,” said Volochkova.

Now the Queen of splits boasted new clothes. Her AU pair has donated a turban.

“To get my hair from tearing apart during rehearsals. I really appreciate the attention!” – wrote under a photo artist.


A post shared by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) on May 13, 2020 at 1:07am PDT

At the same time to demonstrate a new element of the wardrobe Volochkova decided without clothes in underwear. It turned out that at the same time, the dancer boasted and his bust.