The ex-husband of Rita Dakota Vlad Sokolovsky turned to his followers, explaining why it has gone out to “Instagram”. It turns out that the singer is sick with coronavirus.

Sokolowski also shared details symptoms and course of the disease. It all started with a cough expectorant and temperature that lasted for three days and it got to 39 degrees.

Suspecting something was wrong, the singer decided to take the test in a few days came the primary positive result. At that time, the temperature was gone, but there were new and unexpected symptom is bowel problems.

Now the singer feels fine, so I decided not to go to the hospital and remain at home on isolation. The only thing that bothers him, possible pneumonia.

“the Only neponyatka for me it’s pneumonia! In order to be sure to know I have it or not (have symptoms), I need to do a CT scan. In a conventional clinic, I will not make and will not take me because they are busy with complex cases… can I Do it only in private clinics for money, but I can’t leave the house, so how can someone infect”, — said Vlad your thoughts with your subscribers.

Finished singer that advised his readers to carefully consider the mode of self-isolation.

“Friends, in my experience, you can be sure that the coronavirus is not a myth. There was indeed a problem and should be treated with the utmost care to its solution, and it is better to prevent! Self-isolation is important.”

Vlad Sokolovsky — not only of celebrities infected with coronavirus. On the days that are sick with coronavirus, said the actress Maria Ivanova. In March and April, the virus has been ill Nadezhda Babkina, Lev Leshchenko, Stas Mikhailov, Olga Kurylenko, Boris korchevnikov and other stars.