On Wednesday evening, it was great to look TV: Vincent Gross (23) played in the context of Stars ‘ @Home, an exclusive concert from his Basel home. He played his songs, not just in the living room, but always in a different place in the house – in the attic, in the garage or in his bed. “If I can’t draw for my performances from place to place, I make my tour stop in the own four walls,” quipped the blonde, who still lives with his parents.

In the Sauna Big in a Bathrobe singing, in the basement of the arts, he has worked with tool in the bathroom, he presented himself in the wetsuit. “These I bought last year during my holiday in the South of France.” And also with the small, but fine Sauna a very special story joins him: “There I recorded my first songs. I was clean-mattresses, sang my verses and put Videos of it on the Internet.” The Basler was a larger audience.

His work day, in spite of Corona long –

in Spite of Isolation Vincent is not boring: “I currently have 12 – to 16-hour days,” says Basler, who is the sun”, which for the past six weeks, the German Schlager-radio charts with his Song “About us. He is concerned with the Recording of greeting messages and Live concerts, which he transmits to the Internet. And also, the view-TV concert of tonight, everything happens in-house. “I’ll take it, cutting it yourself and do post-processing.”

His house leaving the Single rarely. Sports he makes at home, the fresh air, he gets himself in the garden. “Even if I do not belong to the risk group, it is clear to me that I stay at home,” says Gross, the Ambassador of the German Federal Association of children’s hospice. “This is the solidarity we need right now.”

Tomorrow night is dialect-Star Florian Ast at 20: 00 hrs guest Stars@Home.

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